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Lil Kim, Lola Monroe, Rasheeda And Gangsta Boo Pose For ‘Hip-Hop Unity’ Photoshoot


Young B

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  • Kaisinger

    LiL Kim looks bangin!

  • mswin

    All the ladies look well but i have one question…Why is the photo of Rasheeda the only one that looks realistic and not like it has been photo shoped to death..hmmm just saying

  • loc

    Lil Kim pic looks animated



  • juliemango

    Lil kim looks like a doll!!!

  • 7lady

    Yea that’s too much photoshop. But that Rasheeda is a very pretty girl. Lola and Lil B cute too. But I don’t kno why the hell gangsta boo aint run some heat through that left side. Chile head all confused. Don’t kno if it wanna be silky or kinky.

  • Enviness

    Lol…@7lady bout gangsta boo head…lil kim nose looks like janent jacksons like sh#t..

  • hugolin

    what’s up with the noses?

  • Walter

    Why does lil kim and Gangsta boo look so animated

  • donnie

    First let me start by saying that I think all of the girls look pretty. Its funny I was reading some of the comments, and a lot of negative comments are on here. Why do everybody hate little kim most of you know the words to most of her cd’s. Some one said the photos look air brushed all celebs photos are air brushed and we all no that, and someone said something about there noise why do you care if you had money you would get things on you fixed, and ok if you say not you , then not you that’s ok they have a image that they have to keep up to stay on top. All of there black is beautiful haters.

  • Tamikah

    They all look HOT!

  • ShortStuff

    Lil kim looks a mess as usual….rasheeda is gorgeous but I haven’t heard much of her music though…lola monroe, um i think she’s wack…young b, never heard of her but cute…gangsta boo is an old head, wasn’t she with three 6 mafia??…and trina she’s iight but I’m getting tired of seeing her & lil kim…they need 2 sit the fuk down somewhere especially if they aren’t making some good music….just my opinion though lol

  • no nicki

    hahaha no nicki!! this is the loser list, wtf is Eve?? lmao

  • detroitdoll313

    @ShortStuff… Rasheed’s music is around your just have to go looking for it. She’s not a commercial gimmick.

  • Kapri

    all look like shadows and scarry ghosts

    stop waisting time – no real purpose for all the people of the world

    get a job – all this group – poorly done

  • Kapri

    I cannot tell you about one thing sentimental or groovy this group has done or is doing

    What good has this group done for someone, somebody, and everybody?

    This group is always burying and boring all the listeners

  • Dee

    Thank you short stuff for not hatin…anybody can be a coward and hate behind there computer its not enough ppl being positive and having good things to say about ppl strong black women especially.

  • Boomtiquah Shauntae Rice aka Katie

    Rasheeda is so beautiful! Love her music also!

    Love Kim…hate this pic of her…I thought it was supposed to look animated till I saw everyone else’s pic…FAIL!

    Lil B ???

    Trina is hot but she looks like a blow up doll in the pic.

    Lola is pretty.

    Gangsta Boo use to be my fav female rapper when I was like 10…she looks old as hell…eyes red! ugh..

  • Yeah, It’s me…and what?!

    Yall sure this is supposed to be lil kim? Cuz it looks NOTHING(and I mean NOTHING), like her!

  • Yeah, It’s me…and what?!

    Damn, they went and dug up Gangsta Boo?

  • heatwave3000

    kim looks lik a goddess

  • iWinYouLOSE

    Lil Kim looks totally different…I like how she used to look. She had a pretty face. Love Trina…Wish she didn’t have her mouth opened like that. The rest of them; I heard of them, but I can’t really recall any of their music.