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Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday' Has The Second Highest Debut Week In History Of Female Rap


Nicki Minaj can officially add herself to a lineup of record breaking female rappers now that her album Pink Friday has had the second highest debut week in history.

As previously reported, the Young Money Barbie moved 375,190 copies of her debut project putting her at #2 on the Billboard charts behind Kanye West.

Now with the official numbers in, Minaj can celebrate having the second highest debut week in female rap history.

Nicki took to her Twitter page to announce the good news to her fans saying,

“Pink Friday has the 2nd highest debut week in the HISTORY of FEMALE RAP w/375,190 units sold. Thank u sooo much 4 supporting this project!”

Topping Nicki in debut week sales is Lauryn Hill who sold 423,000 copies of her ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’ in September 1998.

Lauryn’s project however wasn’t classified in the ‘Hip-Hop’ genre so the title of female rapper with the highest selling debut week was given to Missy Elliot, who sold 259,000 copies of her 2002 album Under Construction.

Based on those numbers, Nicki technically has the highest selling first week from a female rapper in history.

Check out Nicki’s tweets on the good news below.




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  • illnealchi

    wow.. what is this world comin to.. supportin these plastic rappers.. But as u can see, realness always prevails. Lauryn hill still on top and is about to be on it again with her new CD comin out

  • Nbeenice

    Stop with the lies. If Lauryn Hill’s album was not considered rap why is it charted on the rap album charts?

    There is a hip-hop/r&b category and a rap category and miss Lauryn Hill is on both.

    All of that electro pop bull-ish on nicki album should not even put it in the hip-hop category.

    Lets calculate Nicki albums after we subtract the 100k that Cash Money purchased.

    Why Nicki minaj can’t be humble about her ish is beyond me, yet ppl wonder why majority of the population doesn’t like her…

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      I agree with everything you have stated. I agree so much I wont even post my comment because it will paralell yours.



  • Courtney

    There’s always a hater lmao. Go Nick! I loved the album. And shout out to the real Queen Bee, Lauryn! Plus big ups to Missy too 🙂

  • Courtney

    There’s always a hater lmao. Go Nick! I loved the album. And s/o to the real QUEEN, Lauryn! Big ups to Missy too 🙂


    hell these days its not hard 2 sell records.. i mean soulja boy made history also when he 1st came out, sooooo what does that mean… anywho congrats nicki even tho the album was str8 up trash.. an this aint coming from a hater its coming from sumbody who speaks DA TRUTH..

  • kita

    Yo go Nicki congrats… and I have been asking that question for along time I put Lauryn in the category of R&B and Neo Soul but not rap. Oh well

  • angie

    It’s a trip how, haters keep talking about how wack Nikki is and whoo whop!! but she keep blowing up. Apparently a haters opinion is worth a dime a dozen. Go head girl, do you. My favorite nikki line “F a look like hoe, I look like yes and you look like no!!!! Ha ha!!!!


    *sticking my tongue out at the disappointed ones out there*
    lol 🙂

  • Natalie

    That’s good that she accomplished the second highest selling album by a hip hop female artist, but I didnt like how she kinda discredited lauryn hill’s album not being hip hop I guess she’ll say anything to make sure she’s the best…sad:( I dont know about her album saling as much as lauryn hill’s(18 million). But still wish her luck she just need to stop with the conceitedness cause she aint the greatest.

    • say what?


    • JoeBanks

      Clearly Nicki’s not undermining Lauryn the article itself clearly states that the record was given to Missy because Lauryn’s CD was R&B I have that album and it is by no means hip hop!!! I love Lauryn and so does Nicki saying as how Nicki has been quoted saying Lauryn inspired her!!! It funny how HATERS read only parts of things!!!!

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      I couldnt agree more. If Lauryn Hill’s album is listed r&b, with all the singing she did on this album shouldnt it be placed under the same genre? In which case she is still number 2….I think Lil Kim already said she will always be number 2…..

  • asia k

    Go Nicki, oh and HI HATERRRSS!!!

  • diamond c

    Whether u like nicki or not u gotta give her respect. She’s one of the few females trying do something for the game right now. If u don’t have nuttin nice to say don’t say it at all!!!!

  • TY

    numbers dont lie!

  • get em nicki!