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Former New Orleans Police Officer Gets 8 Years For Katrina Killings


Former New Orleans police officer Michael Hunter was sentenced Wednesday for his role in the shooting of unarmed civilians on the city’s Danzinger Bridge just days after Hurricane Katrina.

As previously reported, several former NOPD officers are set to stand trial for the murder of Lance Madison and his 40-year-old mentally disabled brother, Ronald, who was killed when officers shot at the unarmed men that fateful 2005 day.

Four other civilians—also unarmed, were injured.

Hunter previously confessed that he and several other officers launched a grand scheme to cover up the shootings that included planting guns, falsifying reports and fabricating witness statements.

For years the officers claimed to have only shot after being shot at although no guns were found on the scene.

Hunter pleaded guilty earlier this year to obstruction of justice and misprision of a felony, or failing to report a crime.

He was the first officer who participated in a plea deal and could have his time reduced for testifying against the other defendants.

Michael Hunter


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  • Theo

    Lance Madison was not murdered. He survived and brought the lawsuit to avenge his brother’s murder. It should read the attempted murder of Lance and the murder of Ronald. Just a note.

  • kesh

    they will love him in jail, lol, especially the ones who he arrested!