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Rick Ross Blasts Chrisette Michele For Speaking On Soul Train Walkout, “That Could Make Your Haircut Look Ugly…"


Rick Ross is calling out his “Aston Martin Music” collaborator Chrisette Michele after the famed songstress criticized him for walking out of the 2010 Soul Train Awards.

As previously reported, Chrisette denounced Ross after he lost the “Best Hip-Hop Song” category to Eminem and was scene storming out of the awards angrily shortly after.

In an excerpt of her blog, she writes,
“Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? An award is winning at being as “stuck in a category” as possible.”

Now Rozay is speaking his mind on the situation and tells The Source that he left because of a performance issue he was “uncomfortable with”, not because he lost to Eminem.

“Basically, I had an opportunity to perform “Aston Martin Music,” which Def Jam put together. The day before the awards I went there for rehearsal…it was a lot of things going on onstage and for the first time, me being at an award show I had no input. It was a little uncomfortable. I just came from the BET Hip-Hop Awards [where I invited] MC Hammer down to the pyro stage. As a result, we were voted the number one performance at the awards. I wouldn’t risk that for a three-minute opportunity I’m not comfortable with.”

Ross also emphasized that his walk-out had nothing to do with his fellow rapper or Chrisette Michele, and hints at a possible problem with other guests that were set to be invited onstage for the performance.

“I’ve been going to award shows for a long time and I’ve never had a problem with who won. I’m happy I’m recognized. We were in the trailer, going over these particular [performance] issues [with the shows producer]. Out of respect, we came back out there to give them a reaction to the nomination. They gave the award to Eminem. I applauded. Big Record. That wasn’t the issue. Like I said, the things we requested weren’t met. It had nothing to do with Chrisette Michele. It may have had to do with me not knowing the other 50 people that were onstage at [rehearsal] and we doing my record.”

The Source’s ‘Man Of The Year’ also adds that he wasn’t too pleased with Chrisette’s blog and says that it could cause him to look at her differently adding that he might think her hat or recent hair cut are “ugly.”

“I haven’t spoken to Chrisette Michele or her team. but I didn’t speak to her to [invite her to] the show either. It was something maybe the label set up. [But] her choice of words were ugly. Denouncing Hip-Hop, that ain’t cool. Using ugly words could give off the wrong impression. That could make your hat look ugly to me now. That could make your haircut look ugly to me now. Hopefully if we win a Grammy, she’ll come out and accept it with your boy. Give me a kiss on the cheek.”

As previously reported, Rick Ross was not nominated for a Grammy this year.




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    We are so quick to let people divide and conquer us.

    • Kapri


      Ross is Fat, charming, lovable, delicious, debonair
      LOVE ROSS FAT ~~~ FAT ~~~~FAT

      Ross puts the BBB in bang !!!!!!

      Ross puts the OOOOO in omg *******

      Ross puts the WWWWWW in whee >>>>>

      Ross is the Man of the Year and Rozay is the nickname

    • Kapri

      The #1 fact is that chrisett is fortune-telling and mind-reading without the Truth of The Matter

      chrisette is playing the thief that comes to steal, kill, destroy
      chrisett is carrying the disguise of falsehood, deceit, iniquity, pretense

      chrisette does not know Rick Ross thoughts until Rick Ross tells, speaks, writes them. Why did chrisette assume, guess, and jump to conclusion on Ross movement from the audience?

      This less than a hubbard biiiiitc shows a cruel vengence and fiery indignation
      chrisette did not know Rick Ross thoughts and reasons for leaving the auditorium at that time

      Friends talk to Friends
      Friends listen to Friends
      Friends are kind to Friends
      Friends are patient with Friends and wait on the answer and the truth

      chrisett gave praise to herself, exalted herself, and is sure to come down
      chrisette moved with the wrong intentions and damaged the collaborations
      chrisett placed little or no value on her collaborations, performances, friendships
      chrisette looked like the gang throwing others in the well and spreading dirt

      Rick Ross the Boss

  • notadummy

    Respect her haircut? Her haircut is far better than that grandma turbin she’s been sporting. I heard Chrisette is the one with the head swole. SHe needs to get rid of that stylist June Ambroise. She makes her (and J. Sullivan) look way older than she really is. Chrisette, you do NOT look young.


    this fat bastard need to hurry up and fall off. that kind of disrespect to a woman is uncool and only gay guys go stuff like that bcuz they feel like they r on the same playing feild

    • Kapri


      When chrisette give respect. chrisett will get respect

      chrisett needs to learn honesty, sobriety, and wisdom
      In the meantime, chrisett needs to STFU , worthless biiiitc

      chrisett failed to respect Ross and talk to Ross in a sensible, civilized fashion

      chrisett is DUMB no-nothing


      chrisett does not have self-Respect and never had any Respect for herself and others

      Rick ROSS THE BOSS

  • cocoa49

    this fat pig better be grateful any female would get that close to his fat stinking a$$. Big boy ain’t all that. He let people blow his head up . Sorry officer piggy, you ain’t Grammy worthy. Ha

    • Kapri

      Finally —
      @Now&Then STFU

      Chrisette is not a friend and trustworthy collaborator

      Friends do not backstab and slander Friends

      By time Rick Ross the Boss speak up and dare that biiitc
      Put a choke hold on chrisett the step on your neck biiitc

      chrisette is exalting herself too much and looking down on fellow laborers in the music industry

      chrisette awards are worthless – what else has she done for society – chrisette has no heart and soul

      OK-OK !!!!!!!!!!! Rick Ross the Boss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wipe that stink off your mouth

        you stfu c**t sniffer. it is obvious you like sagging tits on a fat cop. take your head out of his fat sh**y a$$. He didn’t win because he sucks!!!!!

  • J.Reezy

    this from a guy who stole his whole name and persona. You’ll always be fake in my book. Corrections Officer turned drug kingpin. FOH..

    • Kapri

      @ J reezy – low life liar

      Music is an expression of the life that exists and existed and will exist

      dukmm aaas reeezy need to get a grip on true life

      Ross knows Hip Hop and follows his own path of rap expressions

      Respectfully, Rick Ross is ahead of the pack and moves forward in the moves and styles of Rap Music

      Never has one man – Rick Ross given so much variety and quality to Hip Hop

      Rick Ross is definitely, unconditionally a man of quality


  • attitudehott

    Ricky Ross da Boss. ROZAY 2 other mfs. Teflon Don to som of yall. Need I say more? This dude’s swag is STUPID!! HE been doing dis Shyte. No need to complain or HATE just congratulate its 2010 mfs. Sick of ppl hating on his weight. Wat dat got to do wit dem BOSS a$$ lyrics he b spitting? Nuthn cause everybody wish dey were d BOSS. ROZAY continue to do wat u do n all ur fans cnt wait to see how BIG u do it n 2011.

  • Britnasty

    Rick Ross should have nothing to say about HipHop his lame A$$. Stfu{lil Kim voice]

  • Now&Then

    Funny how people always hatin on Ross, if she had an issue she should have said something to him first vs blasting him to the media. I am not taking either side but both could have handle it better.

  • Kapri


    chrisett ran-off, headlong, footlong, and spilled her guts just as Judas did Jesus – chrisett is a big time betrayer

    chrisett is stooping, bowing, and lowing to the pits

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  • Kapri

    Rick Ross music is GREAT—– GREAT——

    Rick Ross work history indicates that Ross the Boss was over everything and running everything in a clear, concise, and correct way.
    Agile, active, assertive background shows that Rick Ross the Boss is busy getting the job done

    Rick Ross the Boss is in charge and music is banging

    “I think I’m Big Meech, larry Hoover” —
    Power and Authority rests in the man — Rick Ross the Boss

    Rick Ross – Man OF THE YEAR ~~~~~~