Wrestler Charged With Sexual Assualt Over Controversial Move The "Butt Drag"


H.S. Wrestler On Trial For “Butt Drag”

A California student athlete has been expelled and charged with sexual battery after performing a controversial move during a wrestling match.

According to published reports, High school wrestler Preston Hill has been expelled indefinitely after he used a legal move in the sport called the “butt drag” in which a wrestler grabs his opponent’s butt cheeks and places his finger in the opponent’s anus for leverage.

The teen’s father said coaches taught his son the “butt drag” when he was in middle school and that it was a common move, but the Clovis police department state that the teen went too far when he inserted his fingers deeply into his freshman teammate at a July practice session.

According to the unidentified freshman’s father, Hill targeted his son because the 14-year-old stood up to him for bullying. The freshman father also states that Hill’s friends are now in school bullying the freshman student for speaking up about the encounter in July.

Although bizarre, Hill is not the first wrestler charged for the move. In 2007, a wrestler from South Dakota was found guilty and sentenced to probation after being charged with rape for performing the same move on at least six other wrestlers.

Hill, who denies the bullying allegations, was captain of the wrestling team prior to incident.

What do you think? Did the student go too far? Let us know!


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  • Ironically I’m from Fresno California about 5 min outside Clovis and let me tell you sports are taken seriously out here. If these moves are being taught by coaches they should probably except partial responsibility for his players actions. But school officials can’t say one of their own is at fault at this time. CYA is in full affect… parents should threaten to sue

  • Kayleezy


  • Stinky Finger

    I guess that answer to my last question is…yes. Weird.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    How can you be charged for something that’s legal in the sport ?? If anything change the rule then u could charge the next person

  • Bdot

    Ok the obvious question is WHAT F_GGOT made this “move” legal in the first place? And the boy is lucky that he didn’t get punched in the mouth, let alone him’d up by one-time.

  • ItDoesn’tMatter

    I have one question….Why in the Jesus’s name is this a LEGAL MOVE? Really?

  • knight2000

    coaches molesting kids and telling them this is how it goes…special place in he–

  • Ray

    Why would you want to shove your fingers in some one’s A$$ anyways? If you are losing and need to shove your finger in some other kids A$$ then you should not be wrestling, that is a queer move and any wrestler that needs to use that move is not a real wrestler.

  • Ray

    On the flip side they should send his A$$ to prison so he can feel more then a finger in his A$$

  • gerard

    let me tell you something. i was a wrestler for 12 years of my life. & that move is commenly used in wrestling. i did it plenty of times. even in alantic city for state’s. in wrestling you learn do anything to keep off your back & to win. thats a bunch of Bu** Shyte. if i was that kid i would be so upset. wrestling has the most contact sport out there. & what he did ” Butt Drag ” ive done many times befor. but good luck if your reading this i hope they dont charge you with anything.

  • dudeyouaregay

    @ Gerard…all that you just wrote….alll that… means that your gay. you prolly f_cked other dudes and called it just “practice”. dumbas

  • MixedFriends

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  • Tyrone

    Wow, that’s pretty gay. Almost as gay as hip-hop.

  • Jason

    Let me get this straight. Two boys get half naked and then roll around on the floor, and they both try to dominantly grab the other half naked boy and pin him down?

    … yet we’re surprised when we hear that a finger goes up someone’s A$$?