Who Got NEXT??!!: Dee-1 – "Jay, 50, and Weezy" [Video]


“Now every rapper need to lose their deal and earn them back. Most of them done let the industry take them and turn them wack.

I be spitting from the soul so they feel your boy/ I want your ear and your heart like Amelia boy. Stop snitching, that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of, that’s why nobody ever spoke up when my dog got murdered.

Everybody trying to stay true to the rules, forget the rules if the rules was devised by fools. Most rappers is puppets, that can’t be avoided, being used for their stupididty then getting exploited…”

Representing New Orleans, 2011 is gonnna be a big year for the “One Man Army” known as Dee-1. Peep his message to the ruling kings of Hip-Hop as he spits knowledge to awaken the culture… Stay tuned and for more music and info on Dee-1, log on to http://www.dee1music.com/

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  • kokoClark

    Glad I’m alive to see you take your first steps into the limelight….. The Rap Game needs you, good luck and God bless.

  • Real talk and that is what Media Anarchist is all about! Get at me!

  • Tori Johnson

    That was real!!! It’s time for someone to become a leader of the youth, and stop killing the youth! Everybody can’t be Weezy but everybody can make a change for the greater good of this world…