2 Live Crew Announces Australian Tour


Legendary nasty group 2 Live Crew has decided to embark on their first Australian concert for the remaining holiday season.

Starting December 26th at the Belvoir Amphitheatre in Perth, the 2 Live Crew members Marquis and Fresh Kid Ice plan to kick off the “Hot n’ Nasty” tour to perform some of the classics from the group.

“We are ready for Australia,” Fresh Kid Ice said in a statement. “We hope they’re ready for us! We’ll be playing the old hits and the new songs, and since it’s a 2 Live Crew show, anything can happen.”

When it comes to their first tour in Australia, the crew states they are ready to put on the best show.

“We’re looking forward to it,” says Brother Marquis. “We’re doing it old school, playing all the hits, some new stuff, and it’s all full of energy. With 2 Live Crew its start fast, then a fast song and more fast songs. We line ’em up back to back.”

Although it’s been 20 years since 2 Live Crew were acquitted of violating obscenity laws during a concert in Broward County, Florida, the album, As Nasty As They Wanna Be, is still remembered for the content that got them there and the history when the ruling was overturned and the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal.

“It’s a good thing to be recognized for that and for opening the doors for other artists,” says Fresh Kid Ice, “but our thing is to continue making music and be as relevant now as we were then. We see a lot of  young groups making music a career, like it has been for us, so anything we did that helped make it happen is a positive thing.”

Check out the tour dates below to see if 2 Live Crew is coming through your area:

December 26, 2010  Belvoir Amphitheatre    Perth

January 1, 2011        The Espy Melbourne

January 2, 2011        Sussex Inlet  New South Wales

January  6, 2011      The Forum Sydney    Sydney

January 8, 2011       2nd Show T.B.C  Melbourne


For more information or tour dates, log onto:



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  • GEE

    Love em or hate em u gotta respect what they did for rap/hip hop everyone thinks NWA changed da game 2 Live went through it first check ya history 2 Live was out long before NWA and open the doors for every rapper that came after them if 2 Live would have never won the freedom of speech case alot of rappers wouldn’t be in da spotlight