Drug Queenpin Griselda Blanco Not Happy With Her Name & Likeness Being Used For Jacki-O Mixtape???? [Video]


Jacki O’s “Griselda Blanco:  La Madrina” Mixtape Causes Reaction From Drug Queenpin’s Family

The rapper Rick Ross may have gotten away with with jacking a real gangsta and former drug Kingpin’s name but that didn’t seem to fly as smooth with Miami rapper Jacki-O who titled her latest mixtape Griselda Blanco.

For those who don’t know she’s the 80’s drug lord who terrorized Miami and made over a billion dollars during her reign and was the focus of the movies Cociane Cowboys and Cociane Cowboys 2.

Speaking with Hip-Hop News 24/7, Jacki-O revealed.

“I got a call from her son in regards to me using her name for the mixtape but it was done in all respect though.  He had a lot of  respect about it but he just had a concern of the way I was portraying his mom.  We spoke about it and he really wanted me to let everyone know that his mom was a loving mother despite the way the media has portrayed her and the way the streets thought of her but she was still a loving mother.

But what we know about her is she wasn’t to be played with.  She was that chick that if you didn’t have her bricks or her money she coming for you so I named my mixtape Griselda Blanco and people that know about it love it.”

See rappers, that’s why it’s good to be yourself because the real people you’re portraying just might feel a certain way about it and literally reach out and touch you.

Jacki-O also discusses Soulja Boy and not wanting to work with Drake.

Peep the interview below:


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    HEY YO!
    you don’t wanna Fawk with that mamasita!
    i saw her profile on ‘Deadly Women’ on the Discovery I.D. network, and fatha….BABY….
    her henchmen were bringing back body parts to confirm hits and junk.
    these rap broads betta think again, b4 they turn up missing.

  • worldchanger

    I like the part about rappers being themselves!! Real gangstaz don’t have to speak how gangsta they are or take on somebody else life 2 b hard.

  • Really…

    She’s been a killer since she was knee high real talk! Wacky-O who is buying that garbage!



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  • sbs

    omg did u see the album cover??? can u say photoshop lmao shes ugly srry

  • tbone

    I agree, Jacki-O better step off cause that mother****** Blanco is a real gangsta with ties to people you don’t want visiting your crib. For real. First off jacki is using Jacky Onassis’s name which I find just down right stupid. And there on her album cover is what, a freaking ak-47 assault rifle?How stupid can her record label be? What a bunch of hyped out, commercialized idiots.


    WHO! THA F*** IS Miami rapper Jacki-O !


    I’M MAD she looking like PEPA with the NEW WEAVE and the OLD NOSE! GTFOH.
    lmao! 🙂



  • E.C. from D.C.

    She used her whole name and all that without permission … so stupid lol

  • NS

    Is it just me, or does Jackie-O looks like Phedra from the Real Housewives of Atlanta

  • Brittany

    why is jacki-o actin like lil kim ain’t been callin herself miss white for years. how is jacki-o from miami which is a predominantly latino state and NOT kno that blanco means what. tell jacki-o to sit down

  • ernesto

    she is a beautiful woman, the lover was a lucky man. i don’t want to make her angry