Waka Flocka's Mom Calls Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" 'Terrible'


Nicki Minaj’s list of haters continues to grow. This time her former manager and Waka Flocka Flame’s mom, Deb Atney is weighing in on her debut album Pink Friday-calling it “terrible”.

In an interview with, Deb Atney states that she feels Nicki Minaj “let down” her fans with her Young Money debut, stating that she “went to far left” with her “pop” appeal.

“It’s terrible. I like some stuff, but she went too left. I don’t think people were ready for her to come [out with pop],” Atney said in the interview. “When I had Nicki, I really wanted her to sing. That’s why I took her for training cause Nicki loves singing, but she kept saying to me, ‘Deb, I can’t do it yet because people won’t understand.’ And that’s why the [rap] mixture was done to introduce them to all of Nicki.”

Atney also states that Nicki holstered too many “unnecessary” features that took away from her talent.

“I think [Pink Friday] was very disappointing to a lot of her fans. She didn’t need a lot of [the] features,” Atney continued.  “That was one of the biggest things like… you gave people so many features, give them you now. Nicki could be so much better because—outside of anything that people say—she’s very multi-talented. I really wish that she would learn to be more of an artist.”

In addition to discussing her feelings on Nicki’s album, Atney also shared her opinion on the beef between Nicki and Lil’ Kim.

“My views on that is that she came too far to go back that route,” Atney said. “Kim does not even have to go there. There are no comparisons to them. Some things are best left unsaid. The whole thing is stupid.

I’m very disappointed that she would go that route. ‘Cause I know all that she was taught. She don’t have to go there with anybody. That was the stuff we always discussed. People had to learn to love Nicki— that’s how the door opened up. It wasn’t about Kim or Foxy or any of the rest of them. So I was just a little disappointed [by her album], but If she likes it, I love it. ”

What do you think? Was Pink Friday a flop or did you love it? Let us know!


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  • Peppa

    I think it is a pop success, but a hip hop flop

    • Kapri

      Nicki is the First Lady of Hip Hop – forever is settled in all places

      Deb missed the beauty of music and response of audience

      Nicki has done an excellent job of giving her fan-base what is desired. Nicki has satisfied her fan-base.

      Deb is obviously not tuned in to what the fans like and want.

      Nicki is a genius and knows exactly what to market, produce, perform

      Thank you Nicki for lifting me up and giving me just what I wanted from a versatile, flexible, agile HIP-HOP Rap CD

      The Best Hip Hop CD I have ever bought, listened, enjoyed completely

      Much love to NICKI

      All Success to Nicki !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • daisy

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    HO BOY!
    here come all the ‘i taught her everything she knows’ closet-dwellers chiming in on nicki’s TERRIBLE GOLD ALBUM that they WERE NOT APART OF MAKING!
    *major eyeroll* 🙁

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    I think because of who said it, no one will listen. Just call her a hater and keep it moving. But I think its a true statement. But since she is her FORMER manager it may come off a lil as being bitter.

  • bonita

    i actually liked her cd even tho i enjoy the cocky funny mixtape nicki more
    she tryed something different and after really listeneing to the songs on that cd it was pretty good not a classic tho
    i kno she can come harder and no i dont think she sold out or became cowardly because they was tryin to mold her into a typical hard newyork rapper and she wanted to do the barbie pop stuff
    if anything she was selling out on her mixtapes, but that shyt was fiya

  • !!!!!


  • Kitty

    Flop because she completely changed up her ways n exactly as she put it she went pop just so she could go commercial but we all kno the industry is fake like that neway

  • Kapri

    NICKI HAS The Greatest CD of the Year !!!!!

    All the songs are stirring, moving, leading the inner man, the external existence, the lost soul, the promising desire, the staying power

    NICKI touches the real image of all things that exist and will come to be in the world of music and art

    NICKI presents Roman’s Revenge, Blazing, Flying, Save Me in a strong, serene, stable way of emotions-in-control


    NICki Love


  • I would take anything a lady who backs a grown man muppet name Wacka Flacka Flame with a grain of salt

  • DianeMack

    Nicki I luv your CD. I listen to it every day. It has a great blend. What rapper doesn’t have half of their album listing features? Name one. Kanye, Jay-Z, Wacka, etc, etc. etc. etc. all have multiple features on their album. People are sho nuff hating on Nicki, which is gonna make people outside of her race feel empathy and like her more. So don’t start calling Nicki a sellout once she comes over to the other side where people are showing her love, such as Gwyneth, Lourdes, Kelly Osbourne, etc.

  • Pleasestopdalies

    Today’s hip hop and most music is garbage. If all you can rap about is cars & ho3s and money or killing someone I don’t want to hear it. A grown azz woman calling herself barbie not to mention grown men calling themselves ken really she will be irrelevant in a year. By the way Wacka and Gucci those coke heads need to retire.

  • TEE

    I really like Nikki and her mixtapes..thats all i listened to this past summer so when i heard her album..sad to say i had to skip a lot of songs dont get me wrong she got some collabos on there but still.. and thats my girl she’s very talented but i was kinda expecting something else only listened to it one time since i had it and i dont really have a desire to

  • Man I wish it HAD been better. Maybe the next one. 100% Silk Du Rags & more!!!!

  • Leoraot

    I’m going to have to go with Nikki is wack. Lil Kim, foxy & eve are the pioneers of female rap