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Educated Emcees: 10 Rappers Who Went To College


Before they were selling out shows and dishing out bars, a number of rappers spent their time hitting the books.
While others passed with flying colors, others just passed by; attending for a brief period before focusing on their music career.

From Kanye to Kweli, check out 10 rappers who were the head of the class below.

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  • wes

    Ludacris is WRONG as hell for those sideassburns……..good day

  • wes

    Note to Paul Wall…..do NOT ever ever EVER smile when you wear that particular grill…….good day

  • Education does pay. I wish some of these rappers would encourage their fans to go to school instead of following in their footsteps.


  • Peppa

    Note to Weazey, stop trying so hard to be weird and different. That was done in the mid 90s. In a word….”CHILL”

  • Krusty Kardashian (the other sister)

    rich boy attended tuskegee university.
    lil jon got a degree in engineer (i think)
    salt n pepa attended college
    and last but not least wacka flocka attended Harvard.

  • Naiya

    PAUL WALL IS YUMMY.but that grill hurts my tummy…lol

  • melissa

    I think it is cool for a rapper to have a degree under the belt. We never know what life can bring.

  • cm92010

    plies name is Algernod! LMAOOO

  • Rusty Shackleford

    David Banner is not an Alpha, I’m an Alpha and a Bruh from my chapter asked him and we found out he wasn’t. Not saying that he could never be, but that rumor is pretty prevelent in the South.

  • xedos

    Do you notice that the rappers that went to college don’t get locked up every 5 minutes in jail

  • Ya Mama

    David Banner will lose a lot of street cred if he is an Alpha. Greeks are the lamest, gayest, non-hip-hopish Shyte in the world!

  • thad

    big ups to Banner for coming through BR and showin’ em how it’s done. SU is a joke now. hell LSU is too!!

  • anukeia

    Everyone thinks Plies went to college for nursing, that’s not true he did interview on radio in VA and said he had worked in a nursing home and to keep that rumor going.

  • Oprah

    Lauryn Hill went to Columbia University, and was accepted at Harvard, Yale and Spelman.

  • anonymous

    How about u chaNge the title to 10 rappers who Graduated from college. Theres a Big difference between going and graduating.

    • tb

      Diddy did attend Howard, but only 2 out of the 10 graduated why was this even posted.

  • jojo

    r u f’ing kidding me?Diddy did not go to Howard

  • sherlock

    yeah diddy went to howard – that’s where he threw that infamous party, oversold the event, and ppl ended up stampeding and a few got trampled.

    cube went to, i think, u.of arizona for a minute before nwa jumped off.

    and yeah, a list of “rappers who graduated from college” would be a lot more impressive

    • NYDIVA

      Ummmm To the poster who said Diddy threw the “infamous party that oversold and where people were stomped and crused WRONG it was right here in NY at City College Uptown whether or not he attended HU I do not know BUT I NOT ONLY ATTENDED but MATRICULATED BIG GIGANTIC DIFFERENCE!

  • college educated?

    This list of “educated emcees” is truly heartbreaking. More than half of these rappers did not obtain a bachelors degree. Why is Plies even mentioned on this list when it cannot be confirmed which school he attended? What about Chuck D and MIA?. This was the perfect opportunity to dispel some negative stereotypes about hip hop…. You guys are better than this.

  • nick

    it was actually @ city college in nyc where diddy promoted the event that was oversold and people were trampled . but in any case ,diddy did attend howard

  • tee tee

    I’m sorry but I’m really not understanding the point of this post. At first I was proud to read that 10 well known rappers that a lot of young children admire finished there education. But a reality is a majority of them dropped out. I really wish u just wouldn’t have posted this at all. Its so disappointing

  • yepyep

    Camron and Mase to name a few more…

  • ConfoThaDon

    Canibus, who is underrated as an emcee attended college as well. He’ll rip any of these rappers any day.

  • swissmiss

    Wocka flocka did not go to no damn Havard university. He can barely read and that was clearly presented when he was on 106&park. We know he was talking about to school.

  • MexicaninNC

    Paul wall By lyric he said when he featured in chingo blings american pie was “my name is pual wall call me the iced out gringo!” fresh