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Kat Stacks Sends Racist Tweets From Jail


Although super groupie Kat Stacks remains behind bars in a Tennessee prison, the 21-year-old internet sensation is still managing to offend people through the use of her Twitter account.

As previously reported Stacks, real name Andrea-Herrera Cardena was arrested in November for issues surrounding her citizenship in the United States.

Since then she’s remained behind bars despite her claims that she would be released and not deported back to her native home of Venezuela.

Still incarcerated and still offensive, Kat Stacks recently sent out tweets to her 247,000 followers on Twitter about a “Mexican washing her draws” and a “cracker babysitting” while she does her time.

She writes,
“I got Mexican washing my draws, a Jamaican braiding my hair and a cracker babysitting with handcuffs….I can tweet in jail cause I got it like that Beyotch.”

No word on when, if ever, Kat Stacks will be released.



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  • For the guys she actually slept with, (And Nelly wasn’t one of them!!!! He was with me that night.) I bet they are slapping their infected packages with a hammerrrr, hammerrrr, hammerrrr!!! (soulja boy, for those that don’t get it) arionataylor.blogspot.com

  • sdp

    Inmates are allowed to use Twitter?? WOW…

  • josh

    I like this:
    ___________mixedmatching.c-/0-m ____________

    you can not refuse a person stay here to listen to what you say !there is no difference between race and color!!!

  • soopacrip

    I don’t see anything racist about what kat stacks said a mexican washing her draws and! Mexicans love to hand wash in l.a. Mexicans have clothes hangin all on their gate or keep the laundry mats full fighting over dryers like they own them kat is locked up and you losers still hating on her ( Free KAT $tacks! )

  • tasha mac

    free kat stacks biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperAlien

    I love kat stacks and i don’t care who knows it flat out she is comedy to me and she is the ideal person you would have in movies the villian of course