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Lil Kim’s Nicki Minaj Look-A-Like Revealed [Photos]


As promised, Lil Kimhas cast a Nicki Minaj look-a-like to star in her “Black Friday” diss video.

As previously reported, Kim was spotted on set in Brooklyn surrounded by her “IRS” or “International Rock Stars” for the shoot of the diss track and her new single “Clap Clap.”

Since then more pictures have surfaced showing a girl that looks strikingly similar to Minaj donning a black wig with bangs.

Check out the Nicki Minaj look-alike and more of Lil Kim on set below.

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  • konjiTohBahd

    @lady iva…what exactly is your point here?? /:)

  • Jen

    Gosh Kim’s face! Does she realize her career is over? No one cares!

  • bee


  • Courtney

    If anybody is in a class of their own, it’s Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot. Not Lil Kim. She can rap, but let’s be for real now. She was and still is known for being a hoe, B.I.G.’s mistress, and for having all that terrible work done to her face. She’s nobody for Nicki to bow down to. The fact that Nicki did, and there are countless videos to prove it, just goes to show how childish Kim is. She’s mad because Nicki is shining when truth be told, if Kim would put out some quality music, they could shine together. There’s room for the rap boys and room for the rap girls as well.

  • ty

    yall sound dumb…..All that goin bak to tha hood stuff just shows u kno nothin about real ppl…they will alwayz show luv to where they came frum…and to ppl sayin kim aint doin nuthin..Kim went on a world tour..opened up her new hair salon…andd got a clothin line comin out…she iz doin alot more than yu thnk

  • Da Truth

    @Elaine Cash Lets get u up on game sweety now Lil Kim isn’t dissin Nicki off the fact that nicki dissed her she goin on about da whole respect BS because whenn nicki made those records Kim could’ve addressed her back then so now dat nicki gettin shine dats when Kim gonna try to through nicki under da bus but as u can see it didn’t work

  • christine5980

    stay loyal to the artist , when kim first came out every Beyotch like her an the n***er’s to , now that a new artist come out (nikki) you all jump on her ban wagon, know one was saying nothing when kim an foxy was going at it! but you all wan’t to say something because she talking Shyte about nikki, who give’s a Fawk about how old kim is! age don’t matter ,it’s all about respect! to all you kim haters keep it 100 , don’t talk Shyte about because there’s a new chick in the game! i wonder how you all treat your old friends when the new ones come around!

  • Mrz.Burrell

    Omg! Everybody is going to far with this. At the end of the day they are making money from this dis or beef. They are going to be besties and having drinks in a few months.

  • She looks like a black snookie!!! Lmao

  • Lil Kim Needs to Quit

    They could have done a much better job of finding a look a like. The only thing about her that look like Minaj is the wig.

  • Jay Jay

    There’s only so much you can take.

    We all know Minaj has been trying to get a bite out of Kim for a long while… and when she bites, everyone is saying that Kim is crazy.

    Nice one Minaj..we can all see Right Through you.

    Looking forward to Clap Clap.. c’mon Kimmy.. they all just Lil Kim wannabes, just hate to admit it.

  • smh

    and why the hell she be doing her lips like that
    it looks retarded and her botched surgeries are alot more noticeable

  • tiredoldwoman

    Whats rly sad is Nicki is going to release positive empowering records like Moment For Life feat Drake.and Fly feat Rihanna.n kims goin to look like an even bigger hater.smh she shud just give it up already

  • Iraz

    No heart feelin but I think both ladies are great. Kim can not be left out of the hip hop industry coz she’s been der rite frm biggi smalls and has numbers of hits….she shld just realise dat Niki is what she was yrs back…Niki is d bomb nw,she rocks beta… Kim d only tin constant in life is change so take d change without a fite.

  • anonymous

    Nicki slayed Kim on this diss track! I got to give it to her though I was done after raaggggeeeedddddddyyyyyy!!!!! Hahaha…. Kim stans should just give it up and admit it, sorry! http://www.cottenkandi.com/2011/04/03/michelle-williams-speaks-on-beyonce-releasing-dad-of-management-duties-nicki-minaj-rips-lil-kim-a-new-ahole/

  • Jadensmith’sgyrl

    All i got 2 say just dis lil thing if it was lil kim >~<. Nicki minaj ; )