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Gucci Mane Shows Off New Ice Cream Face Tattoo [Photos]


Gucci Mane has reappeared after his stint in a mental institution with a new tattoo—an ice cream cone on his face.

As previously reported, the 1017 Brick Squad member entered a special plea that he was  “mentally incompetent” and unable to fight prosecutor’s attempts to revoke his probation.

Since then he’s been released and spotted at Atlanta’s Tenth Street Tattoo shop with owner Shane Willoughby.

Tattoo shop worker Jason Murray posted the pictures to his Twitter account showing Gucci’s etched face with three scoops of ice cream, the word “brrr” and a red lightning bolt.

Check out Gucci’s newest ink below.

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  • VSIV

    Ok, he made his point…he is mentally incompetent, there’s the proof

    • gigglgal215

      some people will do ANYTHING to stay outta jail!!!

  • gigglgal215

    Don’t rappers with money have anything to do besides mark up their body and go to jail? Donate some of that money to charity!

  • Kalvo

    The dude that did his tattoo look like Steve carrell

  • durrough

    I-i-i-i-ice cream ice cream ice cream paint job

  • Flaco

    He does look like Steve Carrell !!! lol

  • I-sed-brrrr1017

    Lmfao! Exactly like Steve Carrell

  • ciara

    he is effin ugly…ewwww

  • joe blow

    what a tard

    • nrsnik

      that looks sooooo stupid. how is he gonna look as an old man with this saggy ice cream on his face???!!!

  • wow man

    celebrities really have nothing positive to do with their money? some bull

  • Parisia

    like he isn’t ugly enough
    he just had to throw in this tat on his already f**ked up face (poor thing!) and of everything he chose ice cream? is he trying to tell us something? lol

  • Victor

    did he cover up the teardrops?

  • Talen

    They should’ve never gave that n**** money!

  • Carlito

    That sh!t is gay as hell! Surprised he didn’t get the scoops colored with pink and purple. He needs to go to the laser removal and get that removed quick!

  • Media Anarchist

    And you wonder why Black men have it so tough smh?

  • Realfolk

    I mean its his face….but …Yo had nerve to put burr on that sh!t hahahaha

  • stephanie

    hope he didnt think that was gonna make him look cute…he still ugly

  • isaac

    da** you guys are talking sh** about him when you don’t even know the ni*** he has a pretty cool tat and if any of yall would be able to take his place I bet most of yall would so fu** off let him live his life with out you dumb fu**** juging him

  • young b




  • Teddi Bear

    is name is Gucci?? That’s not a real name!!!!

  • Nicole

    wow hes got probs! He was ugly before and now even more busted now!! That last jail house visit really did it bubba turned him out for good!

  • dezz614

    DAMM,Gucci ..this isn’t goin make you sell records..he must think he’s master-p the ice cream man….ha lmao.

  • Of that cool-aid

    Y’all ride or die gucci fans need help that tattoo look gay. Ur pants down half way is gay. The way rappers be cursing and the lingo they use is gay. Idk about hip hop?

  • tamia

    why gucci get that tattoo anyways then he went to jail after he got the tattoo now the ppl in jail goin think he gay o wow him lil wayne and birdman need to stop

  • none of your bizz

    number one this dude is ugly(not being mean)
    #2 Alot of guys mess up their nice bodies, ex lil wayne, chris brown(gucci mane dont count)
    #3 the tat will remain forevea, so forevea he shall look lax
    #4 but i think everyone should be able to express themselves
    People im not trying to be acrimonius here , all together this mane is crazy but he can do what he wants