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From Hero To Zero: Celebrities Who’ve Gone Bankrupt


Although many celebrities seem to be on top of the world during their time as superstars, many of them struggle to maintain their finances while living the expensive lifestyle.

Celebrities have shown us no matter how much money you’ve made, many people have an easier time losing it than they did making it.

Although people like M.C. Hammer and Mike Tyson are well known, there are many celebrities who have gone bankrupt that may surprise you, including a legendary soul singer and a real estate mogul who was in debt for $900 Million dollars.

So who are they? Click the page #’s below to hear the stories of celebrities who were down to 3 digits in their bank accounts.

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  • reality

    It has been joked about over and over how Hammer went broke, but what is not widely known is that when Hammer filed for bankruptcy protection he was sitting on 12 million liquid cash. So before you laugh too hard, tell me how many rappers in his era even made the 12 mil that he got away with….XACTLY! If you are smart bankruptcy is a tool.

  • Mr. C

    Nine million in legal fees? Lennox Lewis sued is lawyer and account and win. Seems like Tyson should consider doing the same.

  • bankruptcyshop

    Many people are misinformed about bankruptcy. They think that bankruptcy is only for “broke” people. That’s not true. As you can see, many people who are bankrupt are successful they just experienced uncontrollable circumstances. Post-bankruptcy, these people are doing quite well if they rebuild their credit or their careers.