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Amber Rose Confirms Relationship With Wiz Khalifa


Amber Rose is confirming reports that she’s dating Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa.

As previously reported, the voluptuous model was spotted in L.A. with the “Black And Yellow” emcee striking speculation that they were an item.

Rose previously called Khalifa her “little brother” but has since taken to Twitter to declare her love for the rapper.

She tweeted late Thursday,

“I need my baby, I’m so in LOVE I don’t care what anyone says…my heart is with Cam.”

Wiz’s real name is Cameron Thomaz.

When a fan commented on Wiz and Amber’s relationship, he replied back “Thass my baby” and told his model girlfriend that he’d like to take her out for a romantic dinner of…uhh…turkey burgers.


Congratulations to the happy couple.





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  • Aye Wiz Ye has good taste huh!!!

  • ty

    damn amber, talk about a step backwards. well, congrats anyway. and i’m not being a hater when i say this, but it won’t last.

  • Anti-believer

    He must be gay too.

  • ohio

    yeezy taught me…

  • rene

    I think she is pretty ,However, if I have to see one more pic of her puckered lips… Every picture she is in her lips are puckered. Hate It.

  • prissa

    I thought I heard he has that “package”. Oh well *kanye shrug*

  • Pipa

    Yo Wiz dont li$ten to what all em hater$ $ay,Amber is just perfert for ya Swag.Gud luk Wiz

  • Pipa

    Rep Black & Yellow

  • brittany

    they look good togetha but damn i wish that was me!!!!!

  • Latina Madness

    Thats cool, I’m happy for them. Its always nice to fall in love, its breaking up that sux…. Shoot she hot, hes hot, whats the problemo people???? Or should I say ‘haters”

  • No haters please

    • Gabby_ila13

      im not a hater i totally think you and wiz are ment for each other 🙂

  • Caliskylove

    PerfectooO 😉
    She’s dope he’s dope come on people

  • Fabalocious Dee

    Turkey burgers? Wiz, you smooth bastard… Oh, well, good luck to the both of them. If they can find happiness with each other, that’s all that matters.

  • kiss

    List it’s life we don’t know how she feel okay so let her and him live there life if he want to be with her hey black and yellow. Love is love don’t matter who you fall in love with our why they with you.feel it and your heart in feel happiness guess what you have wait long eventful let it fall in place stop hateding Love is true happiness is part of life so let them have they moment 4 life

  • jayjay

    Okay I obviously thought that wiz and natalie did not make a cute couple but amber rose?!!!! Baldy?!!!! O no wiz got more hair than she does n they look like two men smh why wiz date someone else besides her lol

  • McDuffyGee

    amber rosee & wiz iss finee toqether yess . i lovee both of them <3

  • Sheriff

    Amber rose is insane, from grace to grass

  • Bandidu

    Wiz, a nytsum yes, i dnt bless nutting much 4 d couple’ shz ova~diggin this gold, ma meen.

    • sodapop

      hell no, dis ***** iz da true meaning of de word UGLY/ HIT. sh*it Wiz u could do better dan dat.

  • Yall Quit Hatin On Wiz&Amber! They Tuh Ckute! 🙂

  • WTF!…..how long have they been together …..i think she just wanna be in with the latest news…she may love him but she’s not IN LOVE with him come on….!

    • sodapop

      i agree Shyte dats Beyotch is hit az Fawk n shez not fu*cking cute so she needs 2 stop acting like it.

    • HoneyRed

      Dang Wiz i mean Amber.. i aint sayin she ugly but she aint da cutest thang in the world. foreal u can do better. but shiid ima still support u cuz i love u and u dha ish but u could shoot for better. seconds is never good man