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Famous Non-Black Celebrities That Are Raising Black Children


While many celebrities are all over the tabloids for adopting Black babies, many famous celebrities have also done the same on a low key level.

While the Madonna’s and Angelina Jolie’s may be the obvious ones, many people would be surprised to find out that famous singers and actors share a black child from past marriages or secret affairs.

Whether it was adoption or their own, there are many celebrities that have black children that may surprise you.

Click the page #’s below to find out who they are and how it happened.

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  • stop the bull

    black babies? i seen maybe one or two black…the rest were spanish..p;ease…BLACK babies

  • N3

    Afrikan babies would be wrong but closer to correct. Why dont they adopt some poor melanin deficient children from lesser european countries. At least they wont grow up mad at their parents for the legacy of atrocities they have committed against their ancestors.

  • heard enough

    thank u ethiopians are not black people

    • Volomon

      yes they are. Ethiopia is a country in Africa.

  • Tom Cruise needs to stop lying about fathering Connor.