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Has Nicki Minaj's Butt Gotten Bigger?!?: Nicki Spotted In Paris (You Be The Judge) [Photos]


Nicki Minaj was recently spotted in Paris in a tight black dress, but what may of caught the most attention from the Hip-Hop diva are her assets.

Known for having one of the biggest derrières in the industry, Nicki has received a lot of slack on whether or not her body is real or has been inflated with shots and plastic surgery.

However, whether it’s real or fake it goes without saying that Baby Got Back, and the latest pictures of her in Paris definitely show it.

So the question remains, after looking at these pictures do you think Minaj’s butt is getting bigger?

Peep the page #’s below and let us know what you think.

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  • Kitty

    this chick isnt serious about being a rapper i know that look this chick wants 2b a stripper!

  • NiCki SecUriTy

    @ kitty, nicki is doing her thing stop hatin…she’s the new queen b so bow down…lol

  • Nay

    It’s a different size everyday.
    It looks extremely unnatural as her thighs are the size of a cricket, but the main issue here it’s that is a despicable example for her young female fans…

    • Ah yes…….The slavemaster manigan in the window of democracy…………..SLAVE ON NIKKI…….the blood of the young black youth is on your Hands……………slave on!

  • zhazha

    @ Gat Turner blam blaaam!! Ur very right. How low we gonna go for doe??

  • vixen

    it looks the same .
    & – lol she needa quit with them butt implants , & them tits aint real either .
    jeez , niki be yourself .

  • DriaB

    Her butt is real because she got the hips & thighs to go along with the big butt along with the cellulite. Her butt looks the same, some pictures it may look smaller or bigger because sometimes she wear spanks to slim everything, which she told us that on chelsea lately. Move on to something more relevant about her besides her butt size.

  • Tonya to cool….

    I seen minaj before she bbecame famous thsts definitly not her booty but hey who aint rockin sumthin that aint real now days.