Dame Dash Discusses His Evolution [Video]


Dame Dash Talks Curren$y, Creative Control and building new brands…

Greedmont TV presents a one-part video interview with  Dame Dash.

Peep as  he  discusses his long and fruitful career as well as some of the upcoming projects he is working on like the movie, Muscle Car Chronicles starring Curren$y and McKenzie Eddy.

He also discusses his Creative Control group giving underground artists and companies exposure and states one of the reasons for its conception was,

“I like to be with most creative and relevant currently.  I pride myself in being am opinion leader and trying to just know tasteful things first.  And I know the constraints you have when you’re good and you just don’t have the platform to showcase it.

Some people only listen to Hot 97… and don’t know anything about some of these good artists that are doing shows on a daily basis in front of the masses.”

I’m seeing people that aren’t in popular music living a rock [star] life.  I think it is popular right now to be independent or a boutique and to have good music with instrumentation because I see it at the festivals.

So to me what people think is popular ain’t as popular as what they think.  I think sometimes Pop music pretends to be winning when its not.”

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  • SeVen

    LoL @ His comment about POP music but Damn Dash… Did you reaLLY help KiLL Aaliyah?

    • nvbny

      😛 😛 “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect matc h like “black & white” people

      ~~~~~~~B lac k Wh it e Fl i rts* C”0m ~ ~~~~~~~~

      The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babie s wait too lon g for you !!

  • Lola

    Dame Dash SUCKS!!

    I wouldn’t support NOT a got dam thing this L O S E R put out…

    Damn had some humble pie!! NO one wants to deal with this L O S E R of a guy. He never thought his feet would touch ground cause his head was in the clouds. LMFAO!!

    Surprise… you aren’t so different then anyone else. And you have NO talent. Just the hole in your face the pump Shyte!

    LOL!! blueroc WOW! you just can’t get OFF the past… you CAN’T create what the R O C did!!!!

    SMFH while LMFAO!!

  • let it go dame

  • bsly6

    I love a comeback story.I would gladly support this brother.I feel he actually want to earn my dollar versus the ones that only want that “mainstream” money.I don’t care too much for that hip pop bullish, I like it pure, you know, the way it used to be.

  • ebony humper

    Let me get that nappy duggout

  • bren

    very humble huh….lol

  • Brooklyn

    thats so true about pop music it aint all its cracked up to be

  • Flohno

    So tired of the mainstream vs. indie. There’s a lot of garbage in indie music. To find good music in indie music, it’s like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

  • XclUsiVe

    His DuM a$$ SaCriFiCe AaLiyaH But KarMa is a Beyotch Now u BROKE…LmaO