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Michelle Obama Depicted As Chubby And Greedy In Republican Cartoon [Picts]


Michelle Obama Cartoon: First Lady Drawn As Fat, Binging On Burgers

Presidential First Lady, Michelle Obama has been pegged as a gluttonous, portly hypocrite in a cartoon drawing posted on

One year ago, Mrs. Obama initiated her “Let’s Move!” campaign to thwart childhood obesity by stressing the importance of activity and nutritious eating in young adults. The problem is she has been caught on camera more than once eating foods that contradict her movement.

Couple that with the recent revealing of the fatty foods served at The White House’s Super Bowl party and Conservatives are having a field day with The First Lady.

But is that enough ammo to create a caricature of her telling her husband: “I’ve stepped up my efforts to control America’s eating habits by telling restaurants to lower portion sizes and fat content,” while she sits in front of a pile of burgers?

A slender, large-eared Barack Obama is eating greenery in the post while he tells her he’s focusing on re-election and her moves will annoy people to which the Michelle character replies, “Shut up and pass the bacon!”

Sarah Palin remarked against the campaign that Michelle has been touring across the country promoting and gaining support for.

“What (Michelle Obama) is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families in what we should eat,” stated the former Vice Presidential candidate.

Is this cartoon justified or is the movement necessary to help America’s children?





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  • Taylor Castro

    Grrrrrrr, this makes me mad why would an artist make fun of our leader and his wife. I am only 12 years old I know that the comic by Mr.Lash & Mr. Hudnall is racist. I hope people in this world will learn that (drawin pictures of others emphasizing their features) have no life and need help.

  • stop it!!!

    Pure ignorance! She is in better shape than any other First Lady, sounds like jealousy to me.

  • this is sad and shameful not only to the president and the first lady but to us as Americans. We need to spend more time working on so many other things such as finding a way to get our country back on it feet. Yet we would rather wast time not only drawing something so sad, and ridicules, shameful, and humiliating. It makes me embarrassed to be an American at time to see how far we have come, and to know how far we have to go. It is cartoons like this that make the Russians, Chines, Japanese, and so many other laugh at us, Once a strong country that lead the way. Now we fighting among ourselves like little children on the play ground again shameful.

  • annie

    @Fidel and the rest

    You know white folks had a test to see how they would behave with a black president they FAILED the test miserably.

    Keep it up though it just make white folks look weak, You guys could not have survived one week of jim crow, segregation, lynchings, etc.

  • Art

    What isn’t true about it? Palin is right. Michelle Obama thinks parents are too stupid but that’s what donkey’s think in general. They think people, parents, kids, ext are too stupid to make their own choices and they can make a strong argument for that. American in general are very stupid. How many Americans lost their homes because they couldn’t afford them?

    Tough call. I’m for personal responsibility. If you are stupid you should die is my feeling.

  • Katherine

    Blah, blah blah. As soon as ANYTHING is said about this president, it’s racist. WHY? Of course obesity is a problem in the US, but if you’re pushing for people to eat healthier you should be an example. She was seen eating a huge plate of ribs, the Superbowl menu was full of fat and calories, and she’s been seeing on more than occasion eating the very foods she deemed are bad for you. You can’t have it both ways. There’s nothing racist about it. Why can’t you defend your position without making it about race? And as far as her comments about breastfeeding your child…yes we all know it’s better. I doubt there’s a woman out there that breastfed or breastfeeds because the chances are lower that her child will be obese. What is she talking about? And furthermore, did SHE breastfeed? If not, then she’s a hyprocrite! There are women out there that can’t breastfeed for one reason or another and it’s really none of her business. I feel she steps out of line. Is it because of the color of her skin? NO. It’s because she’s a hyprocrite! And if she were white, she’d still be a hypocrite!

  • tweety

    this is ridic…. very shameful!!!

  • James

    man hate shows everyday ignorance & plane old racism runs rampant . and it’s not a “white” thing , it’s just an ignorant hateful attitude torwards a president and 1st lady . SHAMEFUL !