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Meet The Real Houswives Of The Civil Rights [Video]


The female comedians of Elite Delta Force 3 and Wayne Brady have teamed up for a new spoof on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise.

In The Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights” the cast includes Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, Winnie Mandela, Mya Angelou and Rosa Parks “who doesn’t like to take a back seat to no one.”

The cast also includes Marilyn Monroe who plays the role of Kim Zolciak while singing “Don’t Be Tardy For The Rally.”

The spoof is written by Angela Yarbrough and directed by Ken Whittingham.

It stars Wayne Brady and the Ladies of EDF3: Nefetari Spencer, Angela Yarbrough, Robin Thede, Leshay Tomlinson-Boyce, Nikea Gamby Turner, Indira Gibson.

Check out the Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights below.



For more info visit www.elitedeltaforce3.com



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  • bay area


  • Loves to Laugh

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but uh Pretty Lady what does someone’s personal life have to do with acting…Lighten up… it’s just jokes…Here I will give you a hug cause clearly you need it!

  • Gstands4

    I found it funny.

  • Kimberly

    funny . lol @ the car phone!
    ; )

  • KingDavid

    I agree, really creative and Funny…Pretty Lady, calm down, here’s your 3rd hug, LOL

  • NWA

    These Beyotches are hilarious.

  • JustAshley


  • Darron

    @ NWA : Your a B I T C H!
    @Topic: i found it funny but i do understand how it can be offensive with an issue as serious as racism and segregation especially considereng the fact that we are still facing some of the same problems.

  • They should be killed. Mail w.b. w/his COON A$$

  • Dan

    lol, Y’all are stupid!!

  • Flowerchild

    I thought this clip was HILARIOUS!! Very original..and I have not seen an all female black comedy skit group..Good Job ladies!!

  • whereistherespect

    I found this to be totally disrespectful. I don’t argue or doubt that the ladies are truly talented and funny. However when we mock women who fought so the Wayne Brady’s and yes even those women could be seen and heard there is a problem. To have MLK, Jr calling Coretta Scott King a “Beyotch” etc….and for other blacks/African-Americans to find it funny show’s we honestly don’t truly appreciate or understand those that came before us. We are the only group of people who mock our elders and our history and what’s worse is we do it publicly. Being creative and funny is one thing, this is not. I think they’re the ones who need the hug!

  • Son of Kush

    I can’t believe this was even made! It’s a shame to see this and even more shameful to see Black Folks Applaud this type of comedy. Black Folks are moving backwards not forward. All of you ought to be ashamed to think making fun of Black People’s History is fun, and ALL these woman playing these roles have no morals what so ever, and are Auntie Toms in my Book.