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Prison Rep Denies O.J. Simpson Beatdown [Picts]


Prison Rep Denies OJ Simpson Attack Rumors

O.J. Simpson may be serving a 15-year sentence in Nevada for planning a heist on two sports memorabilia dealers back in 2007, but for now that is the height of what some claim to be his karmic debt.

U.S. tabloid, the National Enquirer recently reported he had been “brutally beaten” by a racist fellow inmate at the Lovelock Correctional Center. The report included inmates cheering as a “skinhead” pounded the former NFL star resulting in injuries bringing him near death.

However, a representative for the Nevada Department of Corrections tells GossipCop the rumors are false, saying there was “no incident at all.”

TMZ further reported that guards pulled O.J. from his cell just to tell him about the crazy rumors and that he found it hysterical and laughed uncontrollably.

How does a racially motivated beatdown turn into no incident at all? Maybe it was a look-alike.

Well you know how it goes, if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

While O.J. Continues Doing His Tme For Double Jeopardy,  Peep More Of The Juice By Clicking The Page #s Below:

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  • This is shameful that mainline news outlets have taken their lead in reporting this story from “The National Enquirer”, as America continues its decline into joke journalism. You’d think that there’d be some demand by the respectable outlets through the Simpson family to confirm whether such was true or not., in order to assure that prison officials we’re not lying. It’s hard to believe this story because there is a lot at stake for CA government officials that concealed evidence in the first Simpson 1995 murder trial to make sure he is protected. New evidence of CALTrans traffic data for the I-405 freeway in southern CA indicate his in-laws, the Browns, were untruthful about reaching their home in Dana PT after leaving Brentwood between 8:30 & 9:00 PM in order to make one of the two last phone calls to Simpson’s wife Nicole at 9:37 PM. The CALtrans data now supports the initial independent statements given by both Brown parents that they last talked to daughter Nicole at 11 PM when OJ was entering a limo for LAX airport. This is discussed in a lengthy new book out through by one of Simpson’s independent investigators entitled “Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the Simpson Murder Trial and its Hidden Secrets”.