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Isn’t She Precious: The Very Best Glamour Shots Of Gabourey Sidibe


Actress  Gabourey Sidibe has made a big impact on Hollywood since her breakout role in the film Precious.

Proving to be no 1-hit wonder, the starlet made Hollywood come calling proving there’s more than one side to African-American beauty.

Peep The Photo Gallery By Clicking The Page #’s Below To See Gabby Get Her Stunt On!!!

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  • brittany

    Ur soo beautiful Gabby! Luv u grl!

    • Don Willi


    • victory8

      stop are you fu&kin kidding me

  • she is a pretty gurl but she realy needs to lose weight seriously
    im not saying be as skinny as a sixe 0 but atleast a size 10


    Ok how come ppl just can’t congratulate instead of HATE “CAMILLA” she is BEAUTIFUL & I am sooo happy to see another Black women that doesn’t fit “CAMILLA’s” image on what she thinks looks good.
    Gabby do u plus size & all u look FABULOUS

    • Don Willi


  • Pretty Lady

    She looks good and maybe she will loose weight because of health issues, but everyone is not meant to be skinny, just healthy!!

  • Lil’Bitt

    I meant she’s not shens

  • Don Willi

    Agreed, but she went past obese 175lbs ago.

  • she needs to lose weight. Not bc of someone elses beauty standards but for her health. She is the furthest thing from healthy and this will be the death of her if she doesnt correct it soon.


    i don’t find sumo wrestlers attactive.
    i don’t those women that are forced to go to ‘fattening huts’ in west africa are attactive.
    i don’t think that hippopotamus’ are attractive.
    i don’t see how obesity is attractive.

  • health issues is all that matters i am 5’1 and i wear a size 7 im not skinny my self all i am saying is she can live alot longer if she excercise thats all im saying i love a beautiful black thick madame but she has release some of extra

  • trina

    yes she needs to lose weight but heyy she has talent. she needs to be healthy but she is more talented than these women out here. everyone is beautiful in their own way.. it doesnt hep for a person to rant about it. stfu