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Nine Lives: 10 Rappers Who Got Shot and Survived


Although Waka Flocka may be making headlines for getting shot at, shootings in the Hip-Hop game are not uncommon.

Even if we have unfortunately lost two of the most arguably best rappers because of these pointless acts of violent, many rappers have somehow bodied the shootings and have lived to tell about it.

Although there are obvious ones like 50 cent, many on the list will surprise you, especially a certain Young Money rapper who shot himself.

Peep the page #’s below to see if your favorite rapper has taken a bullet.

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  • No-INtro

    These cats are lucky to be alive. This is nothing to be proud of, but I do commend them for fighting and holding on.

    • guest

       its a right of passage for a rapper to get shot. It boost cd sales and gives them street cred. although i do agree its really nothing to be proud of but if you got shot and made it i think you might start to think you were almost invincible.

  • Don D

    None of this Niiggas killed anyone. But they talk it. That why Gucci Mane the Realest Niigga in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1017 2011 Gucci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • none

       you don’t know that. look at 50 cent he got shot 9 times, but he was also out committing crimes. you gotta look at this from the point of the law. there is no statute of limitations on murder but on many of the other stuff there is a limit to be prosecuted on it. example is selling drugs, if i sold weed 12 years ago i can walk up to a cop and say “12 years ago today i was out selling weed” and there is nothing they can do even though i just admitted to the crime. its all about selling cds and street cred. 50 has claimed to have shot people but no names are said for a reason, if one of thoughs people died he can be charged with murder even if it was 100 years ago.

  • MacMoon

    Gucci did shoot and kill!



  • You forgot Tupac. He got shot in 1994 and survived, which fueled the whole east coast west coast war. People called him crazy but on the track against all odds he named names, and during 2012, the person behind the 1994 shooting came to light as the very person 2pac rapped about in that song.

    He also got shot in 1996 and survived for 6 days, Doctors said he would pull through but didn’t. They actually pulled the plug on him, be he did technically survive that second shooting.

    • Guest

      Old dirty bastard got shot 4 times and had a shoot out with the NYPD…. Big L could have survived if the gunner didn’t run up to him and put the with bullet in his face so there would be no open funeral. If Lil Wayne shot himself with a .44 he wouldn’t have a chest.