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Rapper Awarded $300,000 After Police Planted Gun


Zoe tha Roasta Awarded $300K After Cops Planted Gun On Him

Oakland rapper, Lorenzo Hall, also known as Zoe tha Roasta will be awarded close to $300,000 by The City of Oakland after serving 2 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Police officer, Ramon Alcantar arrested Hall  back in 2006 for numerous weapon related offenses, including illegal possession of a firearm, while he was at a wake for his aunt.

The rapper spent four months in jail before posting bail. This offense being his third, California prosecutors raised his bail and his case was not dropped until 2008. Zoe had served 18 months in prison by that time.

Alcantar is no longer on the police force but he is accused of planting a gun on the parolee that reportedly belonged to someone else.

San Francisco U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney ruled that Hall would receive $100,000 in general damages plus an additional $75,000 in punitive damages and lawyer fees totalling close to $300,000.

Supposedly an informant tipped the Oakland Police about Lorenzo having the weapon in question.

The authorities claim they did the right thing with the information they received.

If they did would they be paying the man back?


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  • Talk about low.That is about as low as you can go. Police are here because the love of God who is Jesus is not here. Planting a gun on someone is not a loving thing to do. Police are also committing what is the equivalent of legalized murder. Murder,war incarceration,and the dizzying array of laws are not a thing of heaven,and heaven has to be in us to even be able to live in heaven. That should tell us what kinds of humans we should be with whoever working out our own salvation with fear, and trembling being good to whoever,and forgiving the debts of whoever so the eternal perfect God can forgive you. Those police should humble themselves, and be right with the one they tried to frame planting a gun on him.