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Delaware Movie Theater Sued For Quieting Black Audience


Delaware Movie Theater Must Pay $80,000 For Telling Black Moviegoers To Be Quiet

At a 2007 showing of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married in a Dover, Delaware movie theater, the manager of the cinema is alleged to have told a large group of patrons to “be quiet and behave.”

The “condescending tone” was cited as racist because he addressed Black customers.

Manager David Stewart was accused of speaking to audience members like children at a “minority-themed” movie.

The Delaware Supreme Court overturned a decision by the state Human Relations Commission that Stewart’s comments were racist but the Carmike 14 Theater had to pay nearly $80,000 for violating the Delaware Equal Accommodations Law.

Each patron listed in the complaint was awarded $1,500 in damages. The theater was fined $ 5,000 and had to pay $20,000 in plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs.


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  • shannon

    NO…..some of our people DO act like children with NO training and barbaric! We NEED to have people to tell us shut up sometimes….especially Black women who like to be loud at ALL times…I do know why we think this behavior is now cute…it makes us look really bad…

  • Mike

    I do not support that ruling. I been in the theather with people whom I shared the same race and they did not know how to be quiet. If the manager told them to lower their voice, I imigine that only provoked them to get louder.

  • satire siren

    Any excuse to get money. Who is the “human rights” person who started this nonsense? Seriously? You cant find REAL violations? Like, hmm..human trafficking, domestic violence..? Maybe ur corrupt enought to sue Jaimie Fox on our “behalf” as well (of course, u & the lawyers get about 50 grand)..he said the Pres cant dance cause of his white give all white people 1,500 & all black people 1,500 (for stereotyping BOTH races) you unbelievable bottom feeder.