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Waka Flocka’s Nude PETA Campaign [Photo/Video]


Waka Flocka’s long awaited nude PETA campaign has been released.

Wearing nothing but strategically placed bling, rapper Waka Flocka Flame shows off his tattoos—and more—in his brand-new PETA campaign ad, which urges, “Ink, Not Mink. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin and Let Animals Keep Theirs.”

The ad was  shot by top celebrity photographer Robert Sebree for the campaign that’s soon to feature Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

In an exclusive PETA interview, Waka urges the hip-hop community to consider the animals who are cruelly killed for fur coats, collars, and cuffs.

“Understand where that fox fur came from before you spend $1,000…someone got their head beat in and electrocuted,” he says “Understand what you buy, instead of just going off fashion and what it looks like—that’s what I’d tell my community.”

Waka also speaks out against forcing animals to perform in circuses.

“I don’t agree with that at all,” he says. “That Shyte is whack.”

The Flockaveli MC is the first rapper to star in PETA’s iconic “Ink, Not Mink” campaign.

Other musicians who have joined with PETA to speak out against fur include Pink, Kid Sister, Mark Ronson, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy, Dave Navarro, Chuck D, Masta Killa, Murs, and Mario,among many others.

Check out Waka’s ad for “Ink Not Mink” and a behind the scenes video below.

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  • tyrone

    WOW. what part of the game is this? FAIL FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • waaat??

    wooooooooow. ppl never happy. its for a good cause so who cares?

  • dumplings

    Waca look like he’s squezzing his butt cheeks together!!

  • J.Sapphire

    I dont think there’s nothing wrong with what wocka did it was for a good cause. Sure he’s a rapper to the public but he is still human first. If it was Tyson Bedford or someone like that u all would be drooling all ova him. But since its a rapper there is a problem…Hum, u MONO-TONES are something else with yourselves. FLOCKA

  • J.Sapphire

    @ blood diamond id agree ethier there both