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Diddy Speaks On The Anniversary Of Notorious B.I.G.'s Death [Audio]


The Murder Of Biggie Smalls

Yesterday, rapper/businessman Diddy took to the airwaves as he co-hosted Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club and spoke on Notorious B.I.G. on the 14th anniversary of the iconic rappers death.

“It’s a constant thing. When it’s something like that that happens and somebody who is like music you listen to and is just a part of your motivation…It’s something that you relive, but to be honest March 9 for us is a day of celebration it ain’t really like a day of mourning.”

Diddy continued to speak on Biggie’s death, reassuring that although he is lost we should look at his death as a celebration and not as a mourning.

“It goes off in New York City. Like tomorrow everywhere, all the stations especially here. It’s gonna be going hard in the paint on Biggie and then at night it goes down. Even throughout the weekend so it’s really great when you wake up on March 9 and you just hear all his records and how up to date they sound.”

Click the audio below to hear the full interview with Diddy speaking on Biggie.


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  • Nee

    Diddy stfu & I wish Biggie never went to LA on March 9, 1997 but we can’t change what happened however his death is not a day of celebration, Diddy is an idiot! B.I.G rest in peace & we miss you Big Poppa!

  • Raynol Washington

    I remember when biggie came to Charleston.I will never forget his great performance. He is truly missed and will never be forgotten.

  • lyfe

    How dare u say biggie lyfe is not a celebration. When u alive u celebrate ur life rite? So why not do it the same in the afterlife..ppl can be so ignorant these days..butbiigie u was one of the best to do it. R.I.P

  • Nee

    @Lyfe, Can you read? then read my comment over before you call me ignorant because I didn’t say for anyone to not celebrate his life… I said that Diddy was an idiot saying we should celebrate when someone had loss their son, father and husband on March 9, 1997.. I don’t feel joy about this day nor do I want to celebrate because this was the worst day ever, we loss the greatest rapper of all time today. I will celebrate his life on his birthday which was May 21, 1972 but I’m sad on March 9! R.I.P ~ Notorious B.I.G

    • arlena

      i understand exactly what ur saying bc i was thinking ta same i dont see how anyone can really appreciate that day if no one really knos what happen it still is a sad an unfulfilling day4 most and i say {most} bc someone did it or a few had something to do wit it or both so especially people that knew him mother family friends ect. it will never b a celebration for them i agree mayb on his bday but not on ta day he passed away there will always b anger 4 that and 4 not knowning his killer ………………R.I.P BIGGIE we love u

  • Da Angel

    I started listening to biggy smalls when i was very young and now i am in my 30s, i still do. He will always be missed. R.I.P BIG

  • ummmyeahright

    ummm.of course pdummy would want to celibrate..biggie was his blood sacrafice…hes on “top” now..and where is biggie..oh thats right..hes dead…he might not have done it but he knows whats up with that murder..if biggie was ur best friend, how come u werent riding int he car with him that night..things that make u go hmmmmmmm..