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Lil Kim Remakes Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" [Audio]


Lil Kim Feat. Keri Hilson “Kimmy Girl”


Kimberly Jones is back with another remake, this time of Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock.”

The Queen Bee, whose hard copies of Black Friday were received in the mail this week, is back after releasing her take on Rihanna’s “Man Down.”

Now on her version of “Pretty Girl Rock” dubbed “Kimmy Girl”, Lil Kim spits,

“Do the Kimmy Girl….My name is Kimmy, flyer than a frisbee/Boys in Miami wanna see me in my Vickies…Might do a little dating like my girl Chili/But I’m already taken, married to Mister Benji…”


Check out Lil Kim’s version of “Pretty Girl Rock” below.




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  • emergeMANE

    Damn Kim came HARD AND RAW with this mixtape..SIKE!!! Lmao… All this noise she made to get attention bout her comeback and then she drops a bunch of low quality autotune R&B-pop songs. Kim can or could rap like a monster back in the day but this bullsh-t is just sad. Nobody wants to hear Kim trying to jump on the pop bandwagon – she too old for that and she should stick to the hard spitting rap that she is actually talented at…

    • itsme

      Kim did a POP/RAP album back in 1999..how can you forget the Notorious KIM album..she was WAY ahead of her time…..

  • pika lavore

    Kim needs to hang it up (flatscreen) smh

  • Ew

    What the hell?? Why are all her songs sounding like they weren’t mastered and like they were dubbed from the radio onto a cassette tape?? Ugh and the autotune makes it even more of a mess. Kim sit down somewhere

  • rich

    this song is tight, the cd is a BANGER!!!!!! SO ANNOYED!

  • huh

    Um….. why isn’t she raping? WTF? I am kinda scared to hear the black friday album now.

  • EbonyPearl

    Yall triping…Kim bout to go in on these cats…

  • keia

    i didnt like this one!