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Drake Nearly Arrested, Given Warning At Jamaican Concert


Drake Breaks Jamaica’s No Cursing Policy

Young Money rapper Drake drew the ire of Jamaican authorities but escaped arrest with a warning after breaking Jamaica’s strict policy of no cursing on stage, at a recent concert.

According to reports, Drizzy was performing at Brit Jam 2011 as artist Movado’s guest when he apperantly yelled out the phrase, “blood clot” (considered profanity on the island) while on stage.

The rapper was let off easy and issued a warning and not arrested.

Jamaica has a very strict policy against cursing on stage.

This isn’t the first time artists have been reprimanded for not adhering to this mandate .

Beenie Man, Snoop Dogg and Ja Rule have all faced charges for breaking the island’s anti-profanity policy.


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  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Lol. What a goof. He has never said Blood Clot before…why wait until u got to Jamaica to say it? What a phony.

  • speaking of this ish…

    That’s to tell you how illiterate some of my island ppl can be..”Blood clot” is a slang..how are you gonna arrest someone for saying a slang?!? Really Jamaican Authorities? Really?? I could understand if he said the f-word but this is the dumbest, most illiterate thing they could do..btw..Blood clot anywhere else in the world is a medical issue smfh @these damn fools

  • shalonndramarie

    They didn’t know they had booked a Rap Concert? Isn’t that what rapper’s do….Cuss that’s all you can find on the Pretty Boy rapper a dirty mouth. This is Funny.

  • Does anyone notice Tocarra on this page? No homo, but I would like to know her secret, oh wait, I already know it. Bucket of chicken, here I come!!!

  • Sherlock the Warlock

    ” It’s a way of *****ing life for Americans. ” Well live the American way in America. Why do bloodclut Americans think the world revolves around their bumperclut ways?

  • Well at least he didn’t break his leg. Americans must seriously take an other country’s culture and beliefs seriously when visiting. You are not at home so don’t get comfortable.

  • I wonder what year did Ja Rule broke the profanity rule. That must be years ago.