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Them Again?!: The Most Annoying Celebrity Couples


While there are some celebrity couples that we love, there are others that we love to hate.

Whether it’s because they’re always in you face or because you know one can do better than the other, it’s obvious why some of these couples are completely annoying!

Peep the page #’s below to see which couples make us cringe, and let us know your personal annoying couples.

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  • nahright


  • kerry

    This is so on point, I tire of every last couple on here. I wanna see more “real love” couples like Omar and Keisha Epps, Courtney Cox and Angela Bassett, Boris and Nicole, not this foolery

  • Fashion diva

    Hold up yall can keep them out of this they luv is real!!!!!!!

  • Nik

    I hope I can have a marriage that’s as ‘annoying’ as Nick and Mariah. I’ll be annoying for the rest of my life and not care who doesn’t like it.

  • Ramona

    I really wish i can have a marriage as “annoying” as Nick & Mariah and as “annoying” as Jay Z and Beyonce. I’ll really be annoying for the blissful rest of my life and f… the rest of the world who doesn’t like it. (Thanks Nik) FU Hip Hop World. even though i agree utterly to most