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Wale Talks About Why He Left Interscope & Squashing Beef With Kid Cudi: "I Can't Get No Dark Skinned Girls In My Video" [Audio]


Wale Talks About Squashing Beef With Kid Cudi And Why He Left Interscope [Audio]

Wale spoke to Free on WPGC 95.5 in Washington D.C about what happened at Interscope records, his new situation with Rick Ross and his issues with Kid Cudi.

Wale sheds light on some of the factors that led to his amicable split with the major label.


He runs down some of the points in the interview:

“I can’t get dark-skinned girls in my video, I got to shoot the video called “D.C Chillin'” in Boston…just because [Lady] Gaga don’t want to come to D.C., said Wale.


He went on to express more of the problems he dealt with,

“There was only one song funded, and that was the song they picked…there was a lot of good people at Interscope but they weren’t competent enough to believe in something different.”

Check out the interview with WPGC 95.5 below:

Part 2:

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  • marshhhh

    woooow i luv wale, he seems like gud dude, and an even more talented fellow, i wish him the best of success. i ‘member hearing him in pg county wen i used ta live there, he was always good

  • Ronny

    Hmmm…i wonder if these execs know how out of touch they are. Seems like they try and create trends without understanding people create the trends not record labels.

  • Courtney

    I respect Wale for that. That’s real ignorant of them.

  • honeychild23

    i love wale!! he seems so down to earth. i have lots of respect for him:)

  • Cole World

    Get J.Cole on your tracks.