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Paris Hilton Loves Black Men Named Lil Wayne


Paris Hilton Interviews Lil Wayne For Interview Magazine

Socialite Paris Hilton is still fighting allegations accusing of her making racist remarks against black men.

” I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross,” are the words the heiress supposedly spoke as a teenager.

Pictures of her draped over 50 Cent disproved that theory and now she posted on her blog that she interviewed another wealthy black man, Lil Wayne in Interview Magazine recently.

So excited to read the interview I did with Lil’ Wayne’ in the new Interview Magazine. I really enjoyed interviewing him. He was so polite, friendly, smart and sweet. So talented and passionate with his love for music. I am such a huge fan! I Love Lil Wayne!!

Could this be a public relations cloud to cover up the leaked prejudice statement?


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  • bklynista

    of course it is..becuz in her racist mind black ppl are not polite, friendly, smart and sweet talented and passionate…so im sure she was shocked cuz she thinks blacks are all savages..dumb air headed ignorant Beyotch!!!

  • Listening to ” CAVE Beyotch ” By: ICE CUBE right now!!

  • Ahahaha ^^^^

  • chaka1

    I honestly hate her…

  • cyn

    We dont believe you…you need more people!

  • Parisia Angoilini

    Dumber than a dead pig? CHECK
    Uglier than anaconda poop? CHECK
    Sh1t faced? CHECK
    Racist? HELL NO

    This girl is everything BUT racist! People say stupid things sometimes and I don’t see why they are going so far back to pull up this interview. I don’t think you can pay any racist enough money to mingle with the race they hate…unless you are a politician

  • truth

    lil wayne looks like a chimp in that pic. lol

  • stacey thompson

    i honestly heard her say that one time when her and Nicole Richy had there little show that she hates black guys i never liked her sense