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Rappers To Look Up To: The Tallest Emcees In The Game


Rappers To Look Up To: The Tallest Emcees In The Game

The average rapper is probably slightly shorter than the average male which would place them around 5 feet and 8 inches. But once in a while there are some hip-hop artists that tower over others.

Sure we wonder what makes someone taller than 6’5″ grab a mic instead of a basketball but it happens. Here a few of the spitters that you may have to look up to literally.

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  • Mz Barbi3

    hiphopwired stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • Method Man is 6’3″.

  • Yall forgot Wiz Khalifa is 6’4″

  • C-Murder is 6’7″, Silk the Shocked is 6’6″ and Master P is 6’4″, then there’s Slim….half owner of Cash Money…he doesn’t rap but he is in the game….he stands at 6′ 7″ also.

  • Aren’t LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes at least 6’3″???

  • Parisia Angoilini

    People they can’t fit everyone on this list!

    @ ====>>>There’s no way that toothpick man (Wiz) is 6’4!!!

  • eddy girl

    I think some of these heights are exaggerated. I met Waka for example and i’d put him closer to 6’2

  • Nola Love

    You guys put some irrelevant people on there but not Busta and Jay Z. These dudes are hella tall.

  • Natia

    Ill Will hottest new rapper from Atlanta is 6’4

  • Giddy

    I am laughing so hard right now. Sha “Stimuli” wrote this??? Fake A$$ niguh. First of all he stole the stilmuli part of his name from me, it was the title of the song I burned him with in a battle when we were teens. Second, u got a degree in Communications, wanted to be a rapper, got signed by Virgin, got dropped and was never heard from again. Only to be found writing for Bossip!! How sad. Ay man, I hope this sh!t works out for ya man!!!! Too bad you couldn’t make ur own list. U r a pretty tall dude from what I remember. With a rhyme style that is clearly copied from Jay Z.

  • Who the heck are some of these guys??? I only kno of like 3 of them!anyways I love tall men! Yum

    @the dude above, tell em y u mad son!

  • hunnychild

    Who are these dudes???? Get a real list together ok!!!!!

  • dubb

    what about platinum rapper shaq, and the big cat with jurassic 5.

  • Dubb, the guy from J5’s name is Chali 2na. Also, Blu says in one of the songs on Below The Heavens that he’s 6’4″ but some people claim he may be speaking modestly as he looks more like 6’5″. Also, his grandfather was John Barnes, a long time NBA player. Additionally, he was on a path to try to reach the NBA but ended up instead choosing a rap career.

  • Ian de Landro

    Slim Thug is 6’6 and Waka Flocka is 6’7 Wiz Khalifa,Gucci Mane,Tha Game,and Snoop Dogg are all 6’4 

  • Brainnnnz

    Slug from Atmosphere is 6’4″…

  • Jeremiahmadison

    Silkk the shocker and c-murder are also some of tha tallest rappers 2 taller than snoop dogg


    wheres wiz at?

  • Ben Smith

    2 Chainz is 6’8″

  • Ben Smith

    2 Chainz is 6’8″

  • Mane

    2 Chainz isn’t 6’8″ and Waka isn’t 6’7″. Waka’s friend Slim Dunkin was 6’8″. R&B singer Montell Jordan is 6’8″. Suburban Noize artist Big B is 6’7″. AOTP’s King Magnetic is 6’7″. Machine Gun Kelly and RiFF RaFF are 6’3″. Flo Rida is 6’3″. Gucci Mane is 6’3″ and maybe even half inch taller.

  • Stanton coolsociety

    What about Ab – Liva. , he is 6’9 , he is a member of the Re-up gang and philly group the major figgas & he was with aftermath for awhile
    Was with star trak

  • Mike Meyers

    project pats 6’6″