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Teacher Posts Pics On Facebook To Make Fun Of 7-Year-Old's Jolly Rancher Hairstyle [Video]


Teacher Posted 7-Year Old Student With Jolly Ranchers In Her Hair [Video]

Lucinda Williams, claims her 7-year-old daughter, Ukailya Lofton begged her to tie Jolly Ranchers onto the ends of her braids for picture day at school after she saw the style in a magazine.

The child’s computer teacher took a picture of the hairdo because she claimed her boyfriend wouldn’t believe it.

She then posted the pics on her Facebook page with the caption: ‘Right! This is for picture day.’

Negative comments were posted and the news got back to Lucinda.

Ukailya responded in an interview, “My mama told me [the teacher] put it on Facebook and then I felt sad.”

Williams received an apology but wants to take it further to get the teacher suspended. She remarked, “What bothers me is that she still hasn’t apologized to my baby. No child should have to go to school to be bullied by their teacher.”

Chicago Public Schools said the teacher showed poor judgement posting photos of the student and she agreed.

They are now investigating to see if any policies were violated but Lucinda is speaking to her lawyers and is readying a lawsuit against the school system.

Who is more at fault here? The teacher for posting the pics or the mother for sending her child to school with candy in her hair?

Check out the news clip:


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  • pretty girl swagg

    That is ridiculousness on the parent’s part. What was supposed to be light hearted because the kid was happy to take pix, it turned into being bullied by the teacher. That teacher should probably be more careful, a beat down, or something might be in her future. Parents react differently. Violence is wrong, being a teacher and not being thoughtful—- well all actions have consequences…

  • Gstands4

    I am quick to call something ghetto but in this case I don’t think so. I just think it was a case of a little girl who wanted candy in her hair for picture day. What’s the big deal? Let her be a kid. I have a Teaching Degree and feel it is so wrong what the teacher did. It shows how ignorant, immature and heartless she is. I think she should be fired.

  • R u Serious?

    Ok the teacher is wrong for posting a pic of a minor on the internet without her consent. But what the hell is a parent doing making her child come to school like that? I question the judgement of the mother. it was her child’s “dream” to come to school looking ratchett? This is why kids grow up with no guidance because their parents condone certain behavior

    • Qdog

      The teacher wasn’t right at all and will more than likely lose her job, but putting Jolly Racher candy in your child hair wasn’t any better and just extremely foul, no matter how bad your child want the style that’s just not appropriate for school and especially for picture day. Both made very poor judgment.

    • Rskuggs

      Maybe this will teach the mother,that indulging the whims of a 7 year old,is NOT the smartest move in the world. There are lots of things i would have loved to to have done at that age,but my PARENTS being ADULTS,knew better! I really wish more parents would start acting more like PARENTS and less like Friends to their kids.

    • rebecca rebecca

      The kid wanted the candy in her hair. What’s the difference in that

  • Toy

    I hate ghettoness also. But the kid wanted it and i am guilty of giving my kid what she wants also. White folks always try to laugh at our culture but they dnt do anythng but swagger jack it extra late they use our old slang they like our old rap songs but made fun of it. I thnk she shud b fired! And if not the parent is right to sue!!!!

  • R u Serious

    This is more than letting her be a kid. Whatever is taught to this young girl at a young age will show as she grows into a young woman. This isn’t a hair show. This was for a yearbook, which she will one day look back on. The fact that her mother let her come to school like that lets me know this young girl will more than likely (I hope not) inherit her mother’s poor judgement skills and her bad grammar.

    • RXB

      I’m beginning to think the teacher involved was black.

  • R u Serious?

    @ Toy Nah player that may be your culture. That for damn sure ain’t my culture. Who da hell put jolly ranchers in they hair. Dat’s beyond ghetto. Dat’s ratchett

  • Intinsic Beauty

    I think the teacher was wrong. As long as the little girl’s hair wasn’t causing a distraction (although I don’t know how it could) there shouldnt have been a problem. And even if she did think it was funny or amusing or whatever, she crossed the line when she took the picture(s). She then took it a step further by posting it on Facebook. WTH?! Don’t teachers have to have parental consent to take pictures of students? And it sounds like all she going to get is a slap on the wrist. Which is only going to make her be more careful next time. In all honesty, the little girls hair was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

    • Ruby

      The parent was wrong. That is a distraction in the classroom. Maybe the mother should spend as much time making sure her Bey Bey can read, write and understand math. The teacher could not believe how stupid the mother was and unfortunately got in trouble for it. The mother got what she wanted – her child’s picture was taken. Throw the lawsuit out and use that money to buy some common sense. I bet that mother is under 25 years old. There’s no daddy in the picture or child support. I sick of ghetto bs and their kids.

  • typo.. teacher…..

  • Isis

    Althought I think the parent probably should have saved the Jolly Ranchers for another time, the teacher had no right to post that pic on facebook and make fun of that child. Kids do not know what they really want, and are all about instant gratification. It was the mothers job to say “Baby I know you might want the Jollys, but lets save that for another time, this is your school picture and we want you to look as beautiful as you always look. Lets do the Jollys on Saturday, then you can go outside and play with your friends, etc.” Thats what I would have done. the teacher was dead wrong and should be disciplined.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    The teacher was wrong in the case. Is there even a question about that? When you post a pic of a child just for you and your “grown” friends to laugh at you are defintely wrong! I cant even believe someone like that actually graduated someone’s college. I wonder how she would feel if her child came to school and had the kids make fun, let alone an adult. And then they wonder why these kids act out the way the do. They are hurt by adults from an early age.

  • LA Crip

    Growing up in South Central, LA…this just looks dumb ya’ll. To the parent…why the hell would you let yo daughter go to school like this??!?!? Now that she was clowned, you wanna take tha ghettoness to tha next level and try to make cash out of it. The child could easily let this go..but the parent is draggin’ this on with potential lawsuits.

    The mom needs to be punished for letting her child go to school liek this! Now she wants money….GHETTO!

    Oh, and yall…dont even go there with me. I grew up on E.119st between avalon and san pedro. there isnt a place more ghetto than minez. This aint a black thang…it’s a bad parent judgement thang!!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    The teacher was WRONG! She posted tht ish on FB JUST SO HER FRIENDS & FAM COULD LAUGH & make STEROTYPES!

    If she juss wanted to show her bf, she would shown him the pic & then erased it.

    The lil’ girl is innocent b/c she can not yet comprehend how “eccentric” styles in the Black community get stereotyped by the word GHETTO

    Would i put Jolly Ranchers in my childs head= HAIL NO! But, this lil’ girl could be the next Vera Wang or Donna Karen- – stop tryna put ppl in a box!

  • mimi

    Sorry I am laughing at this too. What kind of ghetto mess is this? Jolly ranchers are to eat NOT for your hair.
    Maybe as a teacher she shouldn’t have posted this but I understand…at some point enough is enough ridiculousness

  • 7lady

    Plain n simple the teacher is wrong. If she don’t like ghetto her azz shouldn’t work at a public school. And she ghetto for postn that Shyte. It’s not that bad to me. What’s the difference from all the colorful barettes? Now that one lil girl who had the colorful weave and got sent home..that was ghetto. To ME this is cute and kid like. Like those colorful tights or a tu tu ballerina thing.

    • I agree, I think the lil girl hair was cute and creative, they r just ponytails w/candy at the end, people on here need to stop talking bad about this lil girl and mom like they did something bad,, just becuz yall all want to be followers and hav a lame style doesn’t make it right forU to bash a lil 7yr old girl,,yall suk

  • mz.brownsuga

    yeah i do believe that its a tragic situation.i do feel for both parties.yes the teacher is wrong and i kn. Its not suppose to b about stereotyping black folks.but seriously i’m a black woman and i have a 3yrs old and i would not send her to school like that.because thats exactly,y she took the pic to show some of the stuff we as black folks do make u go….damn….it says”ghetto”.

  • shayla

    posting kids pic on your facebook is wrong and not legal. beauty and ghetoness is a matter of taste…but the law is the law..Teacher needs to go for breaking the law. Teacher doesn’t need to be in a classroom. District needs to be sued so it can get a clue that it needs to follow law. Parent needs to make sure kid doesn’t eat all those jolly ranchers at once and also call the company to get paid for kids free advertising….put in college fund. Kid just be a kid and true to one should get made fun of for that!

  • While I don’t condone the teachers action, I also don’t condone that ghetto a** hair style either. Why would you put that style in your child’s head? She not going to a hair show she going to school for goodness sake !

  • 2Sweet

    Those jolly ranchers look like watermelon. Shuuuuuu if she was MY classmate there wouldn’t have been any of them sweet treats left for the teacher to take pics of!! Espeecially if lil Ukailiya’s desk was in front of mine.

  • Robin Blue

    I am quick to call something ghetto so when I say the picture of the candy in that little girls hair I saw a masterpiece instead. I thought what a beautiful idea! To me it is very innocent and (sweet). It is a perfect hairstyle for a little girl. With black hair we can intwine anything into it to make our hairstyles our own and thats what this hairstyle was. If this teacher had any kind of style sense she would have been better able to grasp just how unique and innocent this hairstyle really was. Shame on her to ridicule a little girl this way. And by the way, isn’t it schools policy to get permission from parents to take any kind of photos of your child?

  • JustAshley

    The teacher is wrong for not showing a little more sensitivity but the mom is equally wrong for sending her child out the house with this ghetto fabulous madness. I love my black people but we can’t continue to run around looking like fools and get mad when someone laughs at our wackness. Being “unique” versus lacking taste and tact are very different things!

  • bla

    You don’t put pictures of other peoples’ kids on the internet…let alone, take their pictures. The mom needs a smack too.

  • BlackIsBeautiful

    Get her azz momma! Bish had not right to make fun of your baby like that! What public school system would employ such an ignorant bish that would bully a child in the classroom (having her pose for the pics) and online (posting the pic on fb).. Get her azz momma!!

  • BlackRoseRoyalty

    I thought the little girls hair was cute. If i had a daughter i would’ve let her do it. I bet all the kids her age liked. She might grow up to be a high fashion designer. Its not ok to wear candy in their hair without gettig clowned but they can sing Lady Gaga Born this way about being gay. The times we like in.

  • Whoever could I B

    This is so crazy I could sit hear and say all the Black people who wear weave and micro Braids are funny and Ghetto and then put it on FB and LOL all day long That 2 me is crazy who puts fake hair on their head .. at lease the little girl has all her natural hair and it’s in a creative stye …people need to Grow up and learn to leave other people hair styles alone ..

    The teacher was dead wrong just like the grown people on this site saying the Little girls hair style is ghetto you just as low as the teacher .

  • Whatev

    At first I thought it was ghetto too, but now I agree with innocent/cute, and CREATIVE! Kids wear candy necklaces. Adults don’t. Why can’t kids wear some candy in their hair for fun? @ the same time I agree with Isis; love how you said what you’d tell the child; it didn’t have to be for picture day.
    Either way, the teacher is wronger than wrong and for her to do each of those actions without realizing the wrongness, and the consequences, SHE AINT FIT TO TEACH!

  • Whatev

    I agree BlackRoseRoyalty! I thought of Lady Gaga too… she wore a MEAT DRESS. Willow Smith is ooed and awed at for “her” creative styles. This little girl’s ideas with a stylist’s help would be better than Willow. She just doesn’t have money. She may be a great designer or artist someday!



    • MochaDreams

      That’s just an opinion, but it doesn’t change the fact that the teacher had no right to post that girl’s picture. What if you sent your child to school in something you consider “appropriate”, which could be a T-Shirt featuring Obama or some other Black historical figure, or maybe some over priced sneakers, or even if your child just does something goofy in class, are you telling me his/her teacher has a right to post the pics on Facebook or Twitter for their friends to comment? Gimme a break!

  • vicious vixen

    I think her hair is cute! It’s creative & girly imo… I have candy shaped barrettes that I put in my daughter’s hair sometimes. It’s obvious that the little girl’s mother took her time and did that baby’s hair nice & neat for her school pics. The little girl was showing her creativity and it came out cute. (And I am QUICK to call something ghetto but the mother just substituted candy for barrettes) with that being said… That teacher was DEAD wrong for taking & POSTING pics of someone else’s child for the sole purpose of bullying said child for some laughs. Obviously her friends & fam didn’t think it was too funny either for her to be getting so many negative comments.

  • rene

    where did it say the teacher made fun of her? I would have thought it to be creative and being the kids are the teachers life ,she chose to talk about it, Pulease this is no issue, get a life people.

  • rip NAT TURNER

    Can someone post ”YOUR” childs picture on the internet without your permission ? Are you like 10 years old or something ?

    • rene

      @ Nat Turner,
      I only saw the back of her head. The teacher must have been white and you must be black . Typical racism

  • JustAshley


    “Who puts fake hair on their head?”
    Heffa are you THAT slow? White people like Elizabeth Taylor and every other white actress in Hollywood was rockin someone elses hair AGES ago. Please come back with a comparison that half way makes sense.
    CANDY goes in your mouth- NOT your fro. They have barettes shaped like candy to pull off the innocent look- some of ya’ll seem to be admiring.

  • MochaDreams

    This isn’t about whether the girl’s hair was “ghetto” or not, because honestly, her hair could have been as ghetto as a candy-selling liquor store, but the bottom line is that the teacher had absolutely no right to post pictures of that girl on the web. Sounds like a HUGE law suit if you ask me.

  • Learn how to spell

    Sounds like you know all about ghetto with that horrible spelling. Ignorance is neither cool nor hip, learn how to spell before your try to insult someone and call them ghetto. Read a book.

  • Tia

    The teacher was definitely wrong but, the child is 7 and the parent caved in to her demand to have candy in her hair. The child may not have known that she would be teased or considered ghetto but the mother should have!

  • Lynn

    The parent sent her child to school with a hairstyle as foolish as her name and is mad because people made fun of it. The MOTHER put her daughter out there to be laughed at. As a teacher, I would have laughed and told my friends, too…BUT i would have done it in private, NOT facebook. THAT’S where the teacher went wrong. The teacher should not be fired because she didn’t break any laws or school policies since the child’s face was not shown and her name was not given.
    The parent definitely should not have TOLD her daughter that the teacher put her pic on facebook and made fun of her. Why would you tell your child that just so she can feel bad? That should have been handled between adults. The teacher should definitely apologize, which she already has, and nothing more. She didn’t break any policies.

  • Beautifull

    It was the teacher’s fault and she should be suspended. There is no excuse for a child to be bullied by a teacher. SHe hurt this little girl’s feelings. Black or white…..she was wrong to post pictures of someone else’s child on the internet to be laughed at. What makes this child or her mother ghetto or ignorant for putting cany in her hair? I’ve seen worse on grown people but she is a kid who is embracing individuality. Her teacher should praise that. It’s good that this mother is taking legal action. I would do exactly the same.

  • John Brown

    You just said a whole lot of NOTHING. Teachers are expected to use better judgement ! Im sure there’s no policy about farting in childrens lunchboxes so is that ok because it didn’t break policy ?
    Some teachers are not competent !

  • JustAshley

    LMAO@ “farting in childrens lunchboxes”

  • Raya Sunshine

    No adult EVER has the right to take photos of a child without the parents expressed approval and there is certainly NEVER a situation where it is okay to post pics of SOMEONE ELSE’S child on your social media account website. This was done with malicious intent (to make fun of a minor), it was done without the parents approval or even knowledge, and it was in poor taste and poor judgment. And who is this teacher and her friends, that they have the right to LAUGH AT a childs creativity and self-expression?? I applaud the mother for raising a daughter who isn’t afraid to express herself, no matter what others think of it. Its a CHILD. You don’t have the right to make fun of her. It was childish for the teacher to do and it’s childish for other adults to say that the mother was ridiculous for letting her daughter express herself.

  • nicolelady89

    I feel that this was just a case of 7 year-old child wanting candy in her becuz she is 7 years-old… the teacher is dead wrong becuz it was malicious to post the picture of the child…the parent that it was cute and funny and her daughter being creative not ghetto or ignorant….ive seen some ignorant things and this not one of them…the teacher should be suspended or punished in some way

  • Jen Smith

    This is crazy!!!!! I have a 3 yr old and she is very creative with her clothes meaning that she likes to wear crazy colors that dont match. I give into her but to an extent but, how come if Suri Cruise wear heels its cute but a black gitl its ratchet. Kids should be able to express themselves w/o being made fun of by a teacher. Why not just show him the picture but posting an unauthorized pic of a minor would get anyone in trouble. The teacher is pathetic but the teachers union everywhere is controlled by politicians so it will be hard to get her fired the union feels its to much money in that process. THE CHILD IS NOT AT FAULT THE TEACHER IS!!!!!!!

  • bklynista

    i dont think this was ghetto at all..this is no different then when my neice asked if she could wear her princess get-up to school..actually its kinda cute but more of a distraction then anything…the teacher who did this is a bully..can’t believe she made her put her hair to the side so she can take a pic and make fun of her on FB..real immature..hope she learned a lesson from all this..and as for the mom? u coulda waited to put this in her hair..maybe on non-school day or a non-picture day..sheesh!

  • neicy

    Yall r trippin it’s just candy yall make it seem like because of this she’ll grow up to be some ghetto hoodrat. She’s a child that wantedto be creative, if this were lady gaga or some white lil gurl yall would be applauding their azzes

  • neicy


  • rip NAT TURNER

    Typical racism ? You’re the one making race assumptions ! ANSWER THE QUESTION . . . CAN SOMEONE POST YOUR CHILDS PICTURE ON THE INTERNET WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION ? If so, you are lacking brain cells.

    • rene

      @ Nat Turner,
      YES my child’s teacher may post her pic . I would have a good relationship wit my child’s teacher. Your brain cells are stir fried LOL!
      The child looks cute and should be encouraged in fashion ,she is very creative. Don’t put her down.

  • ces’t la vie

    The teacher was wrong for making a mockery of the little girl. What she did could cause emotional scarring, being how young the little girl was. Looks like a civil law suit. She intentionally caused emotional anguish, anxiety and stress for the child, in a crucial part of her growing years, were she is developing her self esteem and self worth . Teachers are suppose to educate and help children in their developmental growth, not demean them.

    • Rskuggs

      Here we go with the Litigious,psycho babble! When in doubt;SUE! That is whats wrong with this country,everybody wants to run to the pyschologists and the lawyers every time their feelings get hurt. Nobody wants to take personal responsibilities for anything. We are so damn busy ,trying to build up everyone’s self-esteem,that we have crippled these kids today. Don’t work hard,don’t take responsibility for your actions,etc.,etc….its pathetic at how weak minded and weak willed we have raised these kids to be.

  • Nicole

    The teacher was wrong but come on! jolly ranchers in hair IGNORANT!

  • ces’t la vie

    Also, the teacher should be relieved of her duties, she should have known better. It showed poor judgement and immaturity on her part. The teacher was childish.

  • ces’t la vie

    You’re looking at it from an older person or grown up point of view. Young children don’t see things the same way. They look at things differently. I don’t know if I would have allowed my little girl to wear that in her hair (if I had one), but it was harmless. This mother was trying to make her little girl happy, it was harmless enough , so she allowed it. Parents don’t send their children to school to be bullied and demeaned. Teachers are suppose to be protectors of the child while he or she is away from their parents.

  • BE

    The teacher should be fired for what she did. As a teacher, your job is to protect your students BUT the mom shouldn’t have allowed her daughter to have that crap in her hair. It is ghetto. As parents, we need to raise our children to act and look like upstanding adults. If the girl wanted to go bald, would she let her do that too?

  • Omg

    The mother used poor judgement.

  • Cassandra

    We live in an age where TV and music “role models” use different ways to express their creativity and individuality. I think this should be encouraged in our children. I personally would not have put candy in my child’s hair because that is not the image I would like to encourage. But that is my child and so I am in no position to judge this parent. It would be one thing is this was a ghetto fad but this seems to be to be an expression on the child part. But there is no reason or explanation on the part of the teacher. First and foremost it is illegal and the teacher should be held accountable. There is a reason why schools ask parents consent before taking photographs of minor children. If a child could be ticketed for cursing, suspended for posting negative remarks about a teacher under the guise of zero tolerance then teachers should be held accountable.

  • hellyea

    If she was a white girl, the teacher would have praised her and said how cute her hair was!


    The teacher is definitely wrong for this one. This is the reason why teachers continue to get a bad name becuause of this blatant disrespect for a student’s privacy. She was extremely unprofessional and deserves to be fired and made an example of. I do not take any pictures of my students…and even if I did the context would never be to harm or insult and would never be posted without the student/parent consent. The child is innocent and the mother just fulfilled her daughter’s request because she wanted to make her happy. You people on this post are so ignorant and judgemental. I came from a home where my mother did not love me or do anything for me. I hope the attention this girl is receiving will backfire on the teacher and all you haters and that her hairstyle becomes a new trend like the Friday girl did!

  • Juliemango

    I think its cute(its a creative idea for merchandising jolly ranchers hair clips) but it shoulda been restricted to b-day parties, etc. For school only if is was a real hair product as suggested then it would have been legit!!!

    • Ms. Chicago

      I agree that it is doesn’t look that crazy and is kind of cute. When it gets back to Jolly Rancher, they will create Jolly Rancher barrettes and ties and make a heap of money. However, Mom should have known that candy in the classroom, even on a child’s hair, is prohibited except on special occasions (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.).

  • thesaneone

    this parent is an idiot. i mean sometimes you just gotta use common sense…the teacher was also wrong but cmon now!

  • ???

    This is a child,what the hell this teacher was thinkin,hope she lose her job dumbass!

  • what you say heffa?

    Kids will be kids and it’s okay to let them express their originality within reason, and this was odd, but well within reason, I’ve seen lolipops in the hair. But the teacher was wrong first for taking a picture of the girl without parental permission, Where she can be brought on legal charges is posting it in a public forum for scrutiny.
    When are grownups going to grow up?

  • Really

    I am glad the teacher posted it on FB! Glad that individuals reacted the way they did. Since her mother doesn’t have enough sense to set boundaries maybe hearing negative feedback will help the 7 yr old make better choices (since clearly so many of you feel that it’s okay because she wanted her hair like for picture day)! I equate this to a child saying they don’t want to wear a coat in below freezing temps, and the parents saying fine whatever you want sweetie! If you chose to act and dress like a fool people are going to have negative opinions. And the comments on FB and this forum are just that opinions.

    • WOW

      It is unfortunate that you would say such a thing. You obviously don’t care about children. In fact… ur a dam idiot. I dont care what a person’s opinion is, that gives a teacher, someone we trust with our children, the right to do something like this. What I would be glad of is if this happened to you. I wanted to say happen to your child, but i wouldnt be so cruel. U need to see what someone ridiculing you for your own personal choice of fashion feels like. Better yet I might find your dam face offensive. Does that warrant a fb posting? This child’s hair was beautiful. SO FUC*ING WHAT SHE HAD CANDY AT THE ENDS! SO FUC*IN WHAT!!!! Her choice. Its not the worst thing that she could have done! ITS HER FUC*ING PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATER.

  • Ms. Chicago

    The reason why the teacher was at fault was because she was not at the grocery store; she was in the school. When you are in the school, you are subject to behaving like a professional. Taking a child’s picture with the sole purpose of making fun of her and not having a parent’s permission, should have never been posted on Facebook. Yes, I have posted pictures on FB that I have taken of children in the classroom. I posted them on their parent’s profile because they were cute and adorable. Huge difference.



  • WOW

    U Fawked up when you said impeach Obama. I’d send you a lil package if I knew where u were. Why take to time to respond if the topic is beneith you. It is not a waste of time of mother suing this bytch. I hope she wins. U wanna take us back to the 40s 50s? R u Fawkin kidding me? So we(blacks) need no rites now hunh? Women either hunh? U shouldnt have even posted dummy. Obama is going to win again just to prepare you. He’s making changes. He aint perfect and nor is the process. He doin waaaaayyyy better job than his predecesor:) who do u suggest take his place since you have all the answers??

  • calmedcooled

    The teacher should be fired. Yes she should. She is too immature to deal with small children. Why in the h*ll would she put that on facebook? I just can’t believe she did that. then she took shots at different angles. I wouldn’t have sent the child to school with Jolly Ranchers in her hair. I would’ve explained to her that’s only for dress up. …and used the colorful hair balls, or beads. However, the Jolly Ranchers weren’t a bad thing … just different. That child seems adorable … and she’s bold at 7 wanting to rock that style. 😉 (I probably wouldn’t have told her what the teacher did). That just pisses me off … grown azz woman making fun of a baby. She’s an idiot. Grow up Beyotch. I do hope you’re reading this.

  • calmedcooled

    hair b@lls is what they edited (**) out … i wasn’t being obscene. wow LOL … but better safe. The Jolly Ranchers were cute. She could’ve use other colorful hair ornaments. 😉

  • Rhonda

    It comes down to the rights of a person, including a child, to have their privacy protected. This little child going to get her picture taken in school should have never been put on facebook or made public in any way. I have a profession as a nurse and know about privacy rules. The teacher should have known better.

  • Mrs. K

    The more I think of this story, the worse it gets. I am 6’1” and was always the tallest and skinniest girl—not only of my class, but of the school! I can’t tell you how many times I was mocked, ridiculed in public—and not only in school. Somehow, and without my parents suing the school, I survived and even was a fashion model for many years. Granted: the teacher should have never mocked that poor child on the Internet. But the child’s mother should be ashamed of herself. She might have birthed this child, but she is not her mother in the real sense of the word. I have a daughter and I know any carrying, loving mother would NOT have showed her daughter the Internet page in the very first place! But on the other hand, notice how the girl smiled throughout the whole interview. What would be the reason for suing, but to expose the wrong done to the child? If the girl seems unconcerned and even smiles at the situation, it is proof she was not affected by the bad joke. It is obvious the mother is doing this out of a sense of entitlement and to profit from it. She should be chastised by the judge—if this ridiculous case ever goes to court!—for shamelessly exploiting her daughter and trying to benefit from the situation, especially when she herself stated she expected a mere apology to her daughter. Shame on this mother and all people who play the race card. Shame on her also for attaching candy to her daughter’s hair: don’t adults in this country have any common-sense left anymore?!

  • Mrs. K

    Why do you *** the word “CLASS” in my post?

  • rene

    @ Lynn, Thank You .
    And some of these people don’t even know what Ghetto Fabulous means, so stop say it. How insulting.

  • IJS…

    I DON’T think the teacher should be fired! The child face wasn’t shown nor was her name used, and the child wasn’t on facebook her parent was. Also I look at it like this: the mother chose to let her child wear this hairstyle for picuture day, meaning that this hair sytle would be recordered for others to view, so now that it is on facebook more people will witness your childs creativity and your judgement. Don’t sue you got what you wanted

  • Wendy

    I truly believe the teacher shouldn’t have posted this childs image on face book because it just wasn’t the teachers place to do such with out the the teacher having parental consent, the mother should have realized that people might have thought a hair full of jolly ranchers candy might be a bit odd honestly I would have thought the same, but still would not have taken upon myself to post the image, the child and her mother might have felt it was her way to express creativity and be different ??? Again, however I may disagree with the little girls hairstyle still not my place to post the image and as a mother if your child is not prepared to handle the ridicule that comes along with being different maybe as the parent she should have taken the time to speak with the child regarding some oppinions that come along with being different and make sure she was able to handle the mockery that may come along with are difference but I’m sure the mother never expected her child would be posted over someones face book and that’s just unexceptable…. I would have to question why did this teacher want to give her friends a laugh at this little girls expense????

  • And?

    So what’s the different between her posting this on FB and having the lace front wig kid featured on the blogs for people to comment and make fun of?

    I agree it was wrong for the teacher to do but the mom was setting the little girl up. She should have explained to the girl that some people might embrace it but others might laugh. Be prepared either way.

    • And?

      I meant difference

  • monique

    the teacher is at fault but suing the school is stupid, its already hard for our schools to stay open, i think that she should just chunk up the deuces and be done with it. i dont agree on suing the school at all and yes the teacher should be fired!!!

  • jeffjenison

    The funniest part of this is the ghetto white and black folks who can’t spell trying to make a coherent statement.

    This isn’t about children. This is about ignorant mothers sending their children to school with candy in their hair and causing a distraction.

  • Get real

    There are NO white teachers working at the Overton school. Wait, there may be one but not a first or second grade computer teacher… This had nothing to so with race and everything to do with ignorance. Teacher needs to mind her own business and start doing her job. No wonder this particular school district is failing miserably! Put my kids photo online, I’m gonna sue ya too!

  • ani

    I know a few things about child education and all…;
    It doesn’t matter what the kid has on her hair…its all cute to me, and if she thinks there’s something wrong with it, then she should be mature enough to tell the parents/guardians of the kid or something, that’s what teachers are supposed to do, because kids are not responsible for themselves, are they?!
    It might not be bullying, it might be light-hearted……, but the teacher sure needs some training!
    If you did that to an adult, he’ll probably fight you, but a kid wont, and i dont want to think-that was what the teacher took advantage of.

  • Tonto Kawalski

    Okay. The teacher should be fired, but the mother needs her azz whooped also. Whoever thinks that wearing candy in your hair is problem the same kind broad that thinks that wearing multi-colored, mis-matched, mop looking weaves are cool too. If you’re a parent and you let your kid wear candy in thier hair, have fro-hawk haircuts, wear skinny jeans, or saggin skinny jeans, then you need to put the kush down and pick up a book.

  • tracy lee

    The hairstyle is cute but it is more appropriate for the weekend, a party, crazy hair day, etc. I personally would not have let my child go to school like that especially on picture day. And from looking at the clip, the mother does not appear to be educated or have good judgement skills.
    On the other hand, the teacher should be fired. Period. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fresh out of college or even high school.
    IMO this is a classic example of white norm looking down on black people on what they perceive to be “a black thing”, “ghetto” and so forth. Because I garantee if Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus started sporting this then there would be an increase in jolly rancher sales and suave shampoo.

  • Shaun

    The mother was simply supporting her child’s interest. Who are we to judge that family. What’s more, the teacher should have known better. Isn’t it illegal to photograph a child without the parent’s consent. With the right lawyer, the mother can make sure this teacher is in the unemployment line soon.

  • Moonpie

    SHE’S 7! It was picture day. It’s really not that serious. Besides, she saw it in a magazine. How many kids walk around dressed like Pirates, or Fairies? My 7 year old neice dressed like Peter Pan for her 1st grade pictures. SO WHAT! The pictures are adorable. If this were a Caucasion child, it would be a new trend, but because she a little African American child, based on many of the comments, this is ‘Ghetto, and the mother used poor judgement in allowing her kid to express herself on picture day. I REPEAT – SHE’S 7!

    The teacher so completely crossed the line, and I am sure some law was broken, when she posted a picture of someone else’s child on the Intermet w/o Parental consent. That’s the issue. Not the mother’s judgement, not theso called ‘Ghetto Style” but the teacher’s lack of judgement in violating her privacy. She should be fired.

    We should REALLY take note of what we should be upset about here. Pick and chose your battle’s people. This isn’t about the mothers judgement. It’s about the teacher disrespecting a child on the internet!!!

  • redkat

    It’s a perfectly innocent situation. The article says the mother did it after her daughter saw it in a magazine. Her daughter ASKED her mother to do it and she did what any loving mother would do, she indulged her child. The teacher in my opinion showed very poor judgement but also displayed openly her lack of respect for her students that she teaches. That’s the biggest tragedy, to get a laugh she violates the little girls privacy by posting it on Facebook. When I was growing up kids came to school looking unusual all the time. Whether it was the dudes who thought they were MJ or Prince, to the girl that dyed her hair some crazy color, to girls who had to be sent home for showing too much whatever. Candy in her hair is no big deal, the teacher should be suspended to teach her a lesson and allow her to suffer some of the same humiliation she created for a little girl who just wanted to do something different for picture day

  • marcwar

    what pisses me off now days is that people aren’t allowed to mk a mistake and then learn from it anymore! right away we want them to lose their job or career. the teacher apologized. move on already. learn from it.

  • TripleBlackandBeautiful

    She is 7 years old… what is so wrong about her having colorful jolly ranchers in her braids instead of beads. WE as a people are soooo very caught up in trying to appeal ourselves to others and gain the approval of others, we no longer appreciate individuality…

    The teacher in this case was DEAD WRONG… she had no right or permission to post the childs image online for the world to see her and she links the child to a city and school… for me as a parent I would be angry at the fact that she violated my childs privacy and safty… in addtion to her original reason for posting the childs picture.

  • Gelle

    If it was Willow Smith with candy in her hair it would be the new trend

  • Tonto Kawalski

    Yeah sweetie. You’re very late. Kids are now putting weed bags in their hair like O-Dog now. 😉

  • Stretchja

    What the hell! paparazzi follow around celebrities everyday hoping to
    get any picture of them without the celebs consent, most of you are
    lined up at the news stand for these said magazines, so how is posting a
    picture of a little girl with sweets in her hair any different, maybe
    the teacher in fact thought it was cute and imaginative. Yet all of you
    are ready to tar and feather the poor teacher. anyone could have taken a
    pic of the little girl and posted it.

  • This teacher deserves to be flogged! What a cute idea for her hair!

  • Anon

    Where I come from, publishing anything from school without a release or waiver form is illegal. Doesn’t matter if it’s the back of the head or who is justified. She broke the law- Bottom line. On top of that, distastefully. I didn’t see the other little girls making fun of her, just some rotten teacher. We have different like than our parents and our children will have different likes than us. Maybe the teacher could use some jolly ranchers in her hair to make her a bit sweeter.