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Man Finds Dead Mouse In Can Of 'Monster' Energy Drink [Video]


A Washington state man has filed a lawsuit against the makers of Monster Energy drink after he says he found a dead mouse in a can of their product.

Vitaliy Sulzhik of Federal Way, Washington says he purchased a can of “Monster” March 20, 2010 and after finishing the drink noticed something weighty at the bottom.

He tells KING 5 News,

“I put it down and I felt it was still heavy. So I backwashed it and all this debris went into my mouth. Then I looked in the can and I saw the tip of the tail and I vomited everywhere.”

Sulzhik, now 19, has hired attorney Reed Yurchak to represent him who says this is no hoax.

“Sure, you’re a little skeptical at first. But everything here has checked out.”

Yurchak sent the product to a forensic and engineering laboratory in Seattle, which cut open the can.

They conducted a series of forensic tests on behalf of his client, and Monster’s insurance company.

Monster has yet to comment.

Check out King 5 News’ coverage on this story below.







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  • brownsugar83

    Never drinking from a can EVER again

  • When I was a kid it was hypodermic needles in cans of Pepsi. I can’t imagine drinking the whole thing, then finding a dead rodent in the bottom. Didn’t he notice it tasted a little off??? Sounds a little strange, but weirder things have happened.

  • cookiemonster

    He should sue the hell out of them what if he gets the plague. People do still get that…right? I’m glad I don’t drink soda. If I can’t pour it its not touching my lips.lol Ewww!