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Is Bin-Laden Really Dead Or Is This Some Conspiracy BullShyte The Government Is Feeding Us??? Something To Think About


Osama bin Laden Allegedly Killed By U.S. forces

As news quickly spread about the death of long-sought after Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, many speculate the authenticity of those reports.

After Barack Hussein O-bomb-ah announced the death of bin Laden over Amerikkka’s airwaves late Sunday  night, strong speculation arose in certain circles regarding the whereabouts of the formerly U.S. backed ally.

“Talk about perfect timing!  Right when the Presidents’ approval rating is at an all-time low, and just as he prepares his re-election campaign, look who he discovers hiding under a rock?  What a way to kick some life into his career?” -rhetorically asks conspiracy theorists Sahgani Ogun.

Bin Laden has been blamed by the U.S. government for being the alleged mastermind behind the brazen bombings of the World Trade Center in N/Y.C. and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. almost a decade ago, on September 11th 2001.  Shortly thereafter, the Federal Bureau of Investigation placed him on its coveted ‘top-10 most wanted’ list.  In more recent years, the F.B.I.’s counter-terrorism chief – Dale Watson – said he thinks… “Osama bin Laden is probably dead!”

Nonetheless, that never stopped them from continuing their search for the man who was once on the U.S.’ payroll during the Cold War versus Russia, as he operated from neighboring Afghanistan.  That was, until last year, according to President Obama:

“Last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden.  It was far from certain and it took many months to run this throughout the ground.  I met repeatedly with my security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside.  Finally, last week, I determined that we had enough information to take action, and authorized an assignment to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice.”

According to reports, an elite squad converged on Osama’s location and murdered him during a fierce fire-fight.

There are others still though who argue that bin Laden had been killed years ago, but that the main-stream media never revealed that until now, just in time for Obama to be re-elected.  With a big feather in his cap – bin Laden – what patriotic Amerikkkan would pass up on re-electing him?

Is it any wonder why every time bin Laden supposedly releases a statement, it’s solely on audio as opposed to more modern video?

Former White House aide- Robert Weiner and National Security Analyst- James Lewis suggest that bin Laden is most likely dead.  Is bin Laden dead or alive?  Nobody seems to know for sure, or, if anybody does, he isn’t saying.   The White House’s Afghanistan-Pakistan review this month didn’t even mention him despite an ongoing, decade-long manhunt.”


“Al Qaeda wants Amerikkka and the world to believe bin Laden is still alive.  His image is a specter of the horrors of Sept. 11, helping build public support for everything from troop surges a globe away, to warrantless wiretaps at home.”


“But the image of bin Laden is getting moldy, and there’s little reason for his ghost to scare anyone anymore.  If Al Qaeda wants Amerikkka to believe bin Laden is alive, it should put up or shut up!”

Maybe they’ll find the weapons of mass destruction in another decade too!  With so much propaganda being circulated regarding 9/11 no one knows for certain which info to confide in.

But don’t be surprised if you learn that Hussein Obama, Osama, Bush, Colon & package, along with Condasleezah; are all somewhere drinking, smoking and laughing at the masses, as Amerikkka continues to fall deeper and deeper into fascism!

Do these photos look authentic to you?  Or are they doctored up?

You decide, leave a comment… as dead prez gives us something to think about with “Propaganda”

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  • me

    Wow pic is photo shopped tard learn to internet

  • Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris

    That’s the point he was trying to make with the pictures! people believe anything

  • CP3

    I think that they just killed a look alike and that it’s not the real bin laden and that they are using propaganda to make Americans feels safer and more secure

  • Agreed

    When I first heard the reports, I immediately thought BULLSH!T…they were able to DNA test this dude in 1 day, then out of respect for his Muslim culture throw his body in the sea….for real!?!? Since when do we just throw bodies out to sea? Bodies of notorious got to be sh!tting me…People are so gullible, freaking celebrating in front of the white house…please. Bin-Laden probably died in 2007 when the president of Pakistan said he did in her interview with Frost..mmrrhhhh the government will tell us whatever they want. This makes me sooo pissed off.

    Don’t believe the hype people, I’ll believe he is dead when they show us a picture of his dead body. They did it for Hussien!

  • chaka1

    I don’t care what they did with the body as long as Bin Laden is gone. Go head President Obama. This is for the history books!

    • caddy2082

      president obama has a degree in political history,he’s the type of dude who want’s to go down in history,not just as the first black president,he actually cares about his legacy,an wouldnt chance it with a fake osama killing…………

  • obama2012

    YOU all should be thanking the troops for risking their lives, and being away from their families. You unthankful, ungrateful ignorant excuses for people to sit here comfy in your homes, on your laptop while people were risking their lives for your safety, and safety of this country.

    There are so many other problems in this country that need to be addressed, it is so sad that you ICEPICK influence people who come on this site to question our presidents truths that he put in front of your face! There is evidence of Osamas death! Take it or leave it but don’t create untruthful articles when you don’t know that facts about anything, Your putting up fake idiotic pictures and you think I would listen to YOU??

    Sadly mistaken, please sit down.

    • Coonhunter77

      It just shows how ignorant some ppl in America are I’m glad that the troops serve us but why didn’t they show us an actual live of video of him being dropped at sea that makes no sense u should question why they didn’t show us a video that shows how ignorant you are you guys act like a little 12 year old when u believe what everybody says

  • Boogyman

    Ignorance breeds idiots. Would anyone be willing to buy something that someone says they have without ever seeing it, by just taking their word for it that it exists. If so you are an idiot. The hasty disposal of the body seems quite suspicious to me. No evidence no proof either way. All we have is what they tell us.

  • DudeWheres mycar88

    Obama2012 if I’m not mistaken as well as anyone else who wants to argue, I am in the military and I’m sick of the “you should be proud of your troops” nonsense, Ive heard it all. If you are silly enough to believe that the federal government only tells the truth than you probably believe that Santa Claus and the tooth fairy still bring you goodies in the night. Simple fact is if you are ignorant enough to believe what you hear without question than you can join the other 90% of Americans who follow blindly in your footsteps. And if you want to tell me I’m not a patriotic soldier I’ll stop you there too. My grandfather, my father, and I all served in the United States Army and the NSA for a minimum of 15 years. So why post on a random internet blog informing uninformed individuals of what is REALLY going on, well ya gotta start somewhere and I figure rock bottom is the best place to begin. Cheers!

  • Carla

    The Illuminati was founded MAY 1, 1776…….Hitler met his fate MAY 1, 1945…hmm……66 years later (66) they find Osama? If you add the 5 the month and 1 being the day you get 6 so what is that (666). They were having some kind of dinner party right??? More like a ceromony that pertains to the Illuminati’s founding date!! READ People !!!!!!!!

  • ReJeanne

    @Carla nice one… but OBL was killed 5-2-2011 Pakistan is 13 hours ahead of us.

  • Aegis

    Great…you did it…all American prevailing did it again.Why haven’t I saw a flag somewhere on a gentle wind.You people are murderers, thieves and liars.I live in Mediterranean country and could see it was complete fake.Does anybody think how this will affect war with Libya,the all day trying assassinations of Gadafy.My brother was working in Libya when all this started,said truth was no where as gruesome as press made it.All this is some political show that will allow your president another mandate or some other action for saving ‘democracy’ in world.And we saw how your system is strong.Drooling over death with booze and music.Well done truly…well done…

  • Tonto Kawalski

    @Carla you gotta save the math equations for math class. Most of us in here cant even read so you know we aint gonna figure out any math. :-}
    Call Jesse Ventura. He loves conspiracy theories.

  • Rigch

    Look at all the hypocritical CHRISTIANS

    This is so funny. Why u ask? Because congress declared the USA a Christian nation but they can’t even follow their creed. How about the ten commandments u know thou shall not kill. Every day the military is out there killing INNOCENT women and children and helping corrupt regimes who are manipulated and placed in power to steal and divert the resources whether its natural gas or people. Then yall mock the mans death and say wonder what he’s saying to Jesus. Yall don’t know Jesus and ya running with the devil. And for u say if u don’t like it get out : THIS IS MY LAND MY PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE SEND THE COLONIST BACK HOME AND THE EUROPEANS BACK TO EUROPE

    • michelle

      OMG this hasn’t been a Christian nation for a long time. People every where are rejecting Christ and there are such thing as a rightious killing. Even God sent armies into battle. But a Christian nation we are no longer.

  • Tonto Kawalski


    • tpain27

      LOL Well said,lol.These ppl r losing it over this mess.

  • anthony fisher

    i think his not dead thay just probaly kill some one that has a long beard and wears a terbin

  • ???

    Now Obama can focus on JOBS since he haven’t created any but fast food jobs.This man is joke,he will talk about this Shyte for months while people still losing their jobs.

  • Dudewheresmycar88

    Hey obama2012 all I said was that I seek to inform the uniformed such as yourself and I know it might be hard to wrap your head around this but you can still be patriotic and question the administration that runs your country. For Christ sake if we didn’t question our administration they would be able to get away with anything they wanted to whenever they want…oh wait I’m sorry I believe I misspoke…they already do. Wake up and smell the coffee, the world is a corrupt place and every day you swim in a sea of propaganda. The sooner you realize this the less it will hurt when you hit the ground running.

  • alex gould

    you arseholes believe wateva u read bin ladin is probaly sippin a pina colada laughing at all u donuts hahahahahahahahahahah

  • roger

    Obama is a niger, osama is a sand niger

  • Tonto Kawalski

    Roger is probaly a lil black kid seeking attention. Wrong board homie. And Obama is an American. He aint from Niger. Dumbazzz.

  • gary

    I would have liked to think they finally got Bin Ladin, but since they have failed to provide any real substantiation, I now am having doubts. Trust the government of the US ? As a Viet Nam vet, I will say there are many who cannot be trusted. I have seen US sponsered imports of illegal drugs into the US to finance illegal arms sales to the mideast under Reagan. I have seen to cover-up and stifling of the investigation into JFK’s assassination by Johnson. I have seen failed rescue operations for hostages that left good useable equipment on the enemy’s ground under Carter. Recently we have seen a war perpertrated on false claims of WMD’s by Bush.

    Please tell me why I should believe Obama isn’t above lying to the people just like every President that has preceeded him ?

    Quite simply, if they did get Bin Ladin, they not only need to be able to prove it, but should do so just to eliminate the doubt and consparicy theories that fuel the propaganda machines of those who wish our destruction.

  • wise one

    AMERICANS ARE DA DUMBEST PEOPLE ON EARTH…first OBAMA was a SENATE then republican..den u f***as voted for him to become president, a couple of years in his term, oooops he is not AMERICAN…u f*gGOTS …OSAMA’S DEATH IZ A COVER UP FOR THE COLLAPSE OF UR ECONOMY..WAKE UP U FOOLS

  • tpain27

    @obama12 u sound so stupid,lmao.U talkin about some1 that really stated facts 2 u n u cant back up nthn u said,lol,n u keep contradicting ur words.Get it 2gether,boo,lol

  • pOetiQ rOses Publishing

    Number 1
    I think Bin laden is still alive

    Number 2
    The benefit of the Doubt

    If they really got him
    Then someone Got paid mad money
    for telling where he’s at.

    other than that, i think it’s kind of odd
    how it came out of the Blue
    I dont remember the U.S
    ever speaking more about Bin laden and still
    going after Him. I’ll keep the rest to myself.

    I Don’t need to be approached by any agents hahah
    i see enough of them daily
    buh bye

  • fauxpopuli

    You’re right, brothers! It is blatantly obvious that this is all part of the worldwide Bilderberg/Reptilian/Reverse Vampire conspiracy!

    We all know bin Laden was killed in Tora Bora in 2002. Bush kept him on ice and then handed him over so Obama could have him handy as needed! Everyone knows Republicans regularly go this far out of their way to help elect Democrats!

    The US Military is in on it!

    The CIA is in on it!

    The US Press is in on it!

    The world press is in on it!

    All other world leaders are in on it!

    Even Al-Qaeda themselves are in on it! They claim to have confirmed that bin Laden is dead, but it’s oddly coincidental that they only did so after the US announced his killing don’t you think?

    And nevermind the 9/11 Truth people who have been telling us for a decade now that bin Laden never existed and that Bush blew up the WTC himself… they’re in on it too! it’s all a distraction! False flag! Psyops! Other words I heard on Alex Jones!

    In fact, Jones himself has survived conspicuously long for someone who claims to be “exposing” the New World Order. His exposures to this point have been false flag psyop lies! Do not believe the CIA asset Alex Jones! He’s in on it too!



    Do u really believe every thing your government tell you if u do then u matter as well hold Satan’s and follow him straight too u know where………..

  • nonbeliever

    i never believed that bin ladin was dead becuz american the news media nevr tells the ppl the truth anyway. plus how osama knowing america was after him and with that much money get caught so easy? if it looks like a duck and it quaks like a duck… guess what? its a duck foolz!!!

  • nonbeliever

    i never believed that bin ladin was dead becuz american the news media nevr tells the ppl the truth anyway. plus how osama knowing america was after him and with that much money get caught so easy? if it looks like a duck and it quaks like a duck… guess what? its a duck foolz!!! ……

  • eddie

    hahahahaha……. this is funny…….

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