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Everyone Nose: Celebrities With Obvious Nose Jobs


While there is always speculation of the plastic surgery that celebrities receive, some seem to be a lot more obvious than others.

Most have opened up and have never denied getting nose jobs, but others have not commented on the obvious change and probably won’t for their whole career.

However, sometimes the proof is right under your nose and there is no hiding it.

Peep the page #’s below to see the artists who have obviously made some changes to their noses.

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  • ambergotafatcat

    hiphopwired stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! http://www.loot6.com


    I think yall REACHIN a lil with Halle Berry & Leona Lewis!!!


    Beyonce, Amerie, Janet Jackson and the Ashley Simpson are obvious. The others, not so much.

  • Tia

    There are a few of these that don’t appear to be nose jobs.

  • Imme

    Yall forgot the 2 queens of fakeness lil kim and nicki minaj. If they aint obvious, I don’t know who is

  • Trina

    Model, Jessica White admitted to having a nose job. I don’t believe B, Tyra, Halle or Alicia Keys had a nose job. When you lose weight your nose can become a lil smaller if you’re one of those people who gain weight in your face.

    • dgrrl

      and u also have to take into account that ppl do age, some of these pix are when they were very young compared to being or almost 30, so they would look different…

  • Juliemango

    I would get a nose too if it meant my nose barely moved when i smile!!!

  • Betty

    The only ones who actually benefited from their nose jobs is Amerie and Ashley Simpson. The rest didn’t neccessarily look any better. They were already beautiful.

    • Sherl

      You’re right on with Ashlee, she needed one!

  • Pink Lace

    My thing is why did they get the nose job’s in the first place? Anything to take the “blackness” away…

  • Vernie

    These ladies are celebrities and in the limelight constantly. They’re already beautiful,just enhancing a little.I’d do the same thing if I was financially able.Their choice,their money.If they want to wipe their hineys with 10$ bills,it’s their perogative.

  • mercedes

    I don’t think tyra got one bc her nose look the same she look like she was in middle school or something but leona I think its just different angles but it look the same everybody else hell yea especially Alicia keys and beyonce

  • Steelcitychick

    @ pink lace…yeah I think it is to tone down some of the blackness….cause as black entertainers, if they want to be excepted by whitee they got to look more like whitee….just pathetic to me!..all the ladies looked beautiful before they’re nose jobs…with the exception of Ashlee Simpson…she’s just ugly before and after!

    • RB

      Nothing will help Ashlee. She is just UGLY, period.

  • jj

    Where the hell is Tamar Braxton on this list, her’s is the worse

  • HG

    who cares about the celebs with nose jobs. how about some of the “bangin candy” girls, and video vixens, that have had nose jobs. plus a whole lot of other plastic surgeries. lol

  • antwanette

    man halle and tyra did not get a nose job. leona lewis don’t have one either yall shut up!

  • WhateverIsMyName

    OK I don’t think Alicia and Leona had a nose job. Halle and J LO should have saved their money because they were already gorgeous. And you forgot Kimora lee WHO NOT ONLY HAD A NOSE JOB BUT strongly NEEDED IT.

  • I think most of these is do to some good old fashioned Photoshop and/or make-up (ex: Beyonce’s magazine covers). Also, the nose does not make dramatic changes through weight gain and age. It is bone and cartilage. Maybe some minor differences but if the changes are major you can’t really use that as an excuse. Just saying.

  • My2Cent

    Alright people. Why is it that these Black women are changing their features to look more White?!? It’s a slap in the face to their parents and generations before them.

    Also, why would they want to have children which will only remind them of how they USED to look?!? In that case; they’re saying that everyone of their descendants after them should have the same surgery they had.

    Don’t care how much surgery they have, THEY CAN’T CHANGE THEIR DNA!!! So, be proud of what God gave you and learn to TRULY love yourselves.

  • Why does these celebrities (who happen to be Black) have to be about race. I think it is a known fact that most celebrities get cosmetic procedures done regardless of race. Why is that when Black people do it it is all of a sudden them trying to erase their heritage? Get over it. Celebrities and people in general are trying to fit one ideal regardless of race, not just Black people.

  • Sha

    Include stylist June Ambrose, model Jessica White, Kimora Lee Simmons-Honsou, Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett…and that’s just naming a few!

  • CriticXtreme

    I can’t stand it when sistas deface themselves with white people noses, AKA Jew money smelling bird berks. Why? When I say Hollyweird will change you, it will.

  • CriticXtreme

    And this broad has gone from bad to worst.

  • The Cynic

    It never fails. Black people always want to accuse others of self-hate. Smh… I agree some of these nose jobs look more “Caucasian”(Halle Berry), but a lot of them don’t(Nene Leakes). Can Black ppl do anything w/o being accused of self-hate? Do you know how many white girls go under the knife to hack off their previous nose?

  • some denied that they visit cosmetic clinic and have nose surgery, but sometimes i wonder what the heck if they had nose job if that makes them beautiful then GO GIRL!