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The day that Jay decided to put down the mic and step inside the office of Def Jam as the president, this was the same day that the Dynasty began to crumble.  Once the relationship and ties between him and Dame were severed, the castle came crashing down.  Lines were drawn as half of the camp stayed with Jay and the other went with Dame.

Jay has been spending the week running from radio to television to promote his new album, The Blueprint III. With everything that has happened, there was never any real clarity with the Roc general as it related to his relationship and ties with the artist that were under his guidance alongside Dame.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, Hov gave an update with who he has been in contact with since everything came to a halt.

“Yeah, I speak to Chris often. Freeway as well. I spoke to Beans when his grandma passed, we had a conversation. I don’t speak to Peedi at all, cuz he’s a psycho.  That’s what I truly believe. Not trying to be funny or anything.”

Speaking with Funk Master Flex, Jay broke down the fact that he cannot be held accountable for the direction of the careers for some artists that were once under him.

“It’s difficult because I’ve done so much for them… I gave everybody a shot. Everybody got a chance to sit at the table and make something. So whether you parlayed that into something or let that go away… You know, that’s pretty much on you. So if I’m not doing anything tomorrow or the next day, you should be cool with that.”

Peedi Crakk has been the most vocal of the Roc roster as he has shown frustration with his former boss by sending disses at him from all sides.  He even spoke of a mixtape he intended to release titled, Camel Season which was clearly intended for Jigga.

Memphis Bleek, who was once the protégé of Jay-Z took some time out with HipHopWired to speak on his relationship with Jay now.  With Roc-A-Fella falling and Roc Nation on the rise, Bleek decided to step out on his own and get his own label, Get Low Records, in motion.  Although no longer under Jay, the rapper maintains that nothing has changed between himself and his longtime friend from Marcy Projects.  No matter how popular he becomes in the eyes of the public, Bleek maintains that he is still Shawn Carter.

“People look at him like as the great, that’s Jay, but I don’t look at him like that.  That’s my mans and that’s it.”

When you are on the top, everyone feels as though your team should sit on top with you, but that is not always the case.  Just because a person helps to usher others in, that does not mean that he/she has to hold their hand the whole way.  The ship known as Roc-A-Fella has sank.  Sink or swim.

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