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VH1 Bringing Back 'Love & Hip Hop' For A Second Season


VH1 Orders Second Season Of Love & Hip-Hop, Series Named One Of VH1’s Most Watched Shows

Music network turned reality show haven, VH1, has announced that they have ordered a second season of the hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop.

According to VH1 the raunchy reality show featuring women somehow associated with hip hop drew nearly 1 million viewers per episode, with the reunion special being seen in 1.3 million homes.

Those numbers were enough for VH1 to request another 10 one-hour episodes.

As in the first season, Jim Jones’ longtime girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, singer Olivia Logott, Fabolous’ baby’s mother Emily Bustamante and aspiring rapper Somaya Reece will reportedly appear in season two.

Swizz Beatz ex-wife Mashonda has previously announced she will not return to the show.

“Our viewers have connected passionately with these women and their unique, authentic stories in the realms of pop culture and music,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Production, VH1.

“We’re very happy to be able continue those storylines.”

The second season is scheduled to premier this Fall.

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  • CeCe

    My least favorites on the show were Olivia and Chrissy! Olivia is fake to me and her Manager was straight wack for steppin’ to Somaya like that, if Olivia thinks she big and bad she should have fought her own battles! I liked Chrissy at first but when she heard about Somaya wanting to work with Jim jones (compliments of Olivia) and after seeing her she got insecure real fast and straight judged her without even meeting her and definitely blocked any chance with her doing that track w/ her dude! My thing is if u trust JJ then its nothing to worry about!!!!! She straight hated on Somaya because Jim Jones agreed at first to do the track! I’m not gon’ even gonna get on the Engagenent….. I belive Mama Jones have her reasons why she don’t like Chrissy! Cause word on the street Chrissy got a bad rep and shady past! She probably don’t want to put it on blast on TV but she don’t like her! Chrissy to me seems desperate to propose to JJ! U been together for six looong years and he still haven’t married u???? That’s a red flag! Olivia knew Chrissy was crazy to propose to JJ but she let her go through with it anyway…. She looked like a darn fool, he didn’t even say yes! Some friend Olivia is!!!!!!