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Snoop Dogg Tells Tim Westwood Dr. Dre Has The Wrong People Around Him [Video]


Snoop Dogg Real Talk On Dre’s New Album

Snoop Dogg spoke with UK radio jockey Tim Westwood candidly about the hold up on Dr. Dre’s Detox album. He claimed that after such a long wait, Dre is being a true perfectionist that doesn’t want to give people anything subpar and be subject to scrutiny.

Snoop goes into detail about what the hold up is and he sights himself and rapper, The D.O.C as the missing ingredients.“He’s got a strong work ethic and I’m gon’ say this and I don’t know if it’s gonna ruffle any feathers, I just think the wrong people is in the environment.

Snoop credited D.O.C for showing him how to put songs together and went on to say that what’s missing from Dre’s situation is “the gangsta rhymes from me [Snoop] and the structure from D.O.C”

“You got music, it has to go hand in hand, that’s holy matrimony, and right now it’s holy macaroni,” said Snoop.

Snoop even freestyled ‘off the top of the head’ a little about the topic spitting, “call the D-O-G and the D-O-C and the D-R-E will be back on the T-O-P”

Peep the footage of the radio interview in the UK.

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  • FattyMa


  • Love the Beach

    this is crazy, we have seen Snoop grow up before our eyes (even though I was 10 when he came out), he has grey/gray hair in his gold tee-damn Snoop you getting old lol. He is huge around the world.

  • Mr.C

    This is Exactly what tha D.O.C was sayin Months ago in a interview wit Hiphopdx. Co-sign both of them O.G.’s.