Jason Weintraub

Dressed To Impress: Hip-Hop’s Best Dressers (Who Is The Best?)



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  • Brownsugar83

    I agree with this list except lil Wayne an Andre 3000

  • kaylong

    I don’t know some of them made the list and T I isn’t even listed….He should have been in the top 5…..

  • nutybudy

    I agree with the list

  • blah

    Ive always loved fabolous swag…

  • AsuuRe

    Men Fabolous got a gr8t dressing style! He looks good in whatever he puts on.

  • Dennis

    fonzworth bentley, andre 3000 and lil wayne are soooooo not in this list.FABOLOUS GAT SWAGGER!!!

    • buggin_out

      sheeeiiittt… bentley and 3000 are the best dressed people on the list

  • buggin_out

    I agree with TI. Jim Jones, not so much. He generally looks like he works at a gas station and needs to bathe.

  • ATLZone3

    This list is bogus! They left Tip off the list and more importantly how can they forget about that boy YOUNG DRO!!??? RALPH LAUREN should pay Dro a whole heap of cash!!

  • B@nksy

    Replace lil wayne with T.I. and this list is good.