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Scottie Pippen Says LeBron James Is Better Than Michael Jordan


Scottie Pippen Says “LeBron James Is The Best Player Of All-Time”

Former Chicago Bulls basketball player and Michael Jordan teammate, Scottie Pippen, started a huge debate amongst sports fans this morning.

Today, while on ESPN television/radio show Mike & Mike In The Morning, the seven-time NB All-Star said Miami Heat baller LeBron James is a better player than Michael Jordan.

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play the game. I may go so far as saying LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game,” Pippen during his interview this morning.

Pippen’s comments come as a complete surprise, seeing that Pippen won six NBA championships alongside Michael Jordan, who’s often referred to as the greatest player to ever play the game.

Pippen’s remarks come on the heels of LeBron James leading the Miami Heat in a 83-80 victory over the Chicago Bulls last night, to advance to the 2011 NBA Finals.

Maybe Scottie was caught up in the hype. Maybe he was sipping ciroc and lemonade for breakfast. Or maybe he truly believes that.

Although, Jordan does have six NBA championship rings, and LeBron…zero.

But what do you think? Is LeBron James a better basketball player than Michael Jordan?

Listen to Scottie Pippen’s comments here before you decide.

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  • kita thomas

    Hell No! Lebron is a really great player but not better than Jordan i mean come on 6rings speak for itself, but i hope lebron gets him atleast one..

    • bdc

      I think Scottie got caught up in the moment. Michael is the greatest to have ever played period. No debate. Le Bron is very close because he can do so many things but not at the same level.
      Michaels defense and scoring made him the greatest. End quote no debate.

  • FattyMa

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  • I’m a Bulls fan for life, but he does make a good point. Lebron does avg more assists and rebounds than Jordan. On defense I’d say they’re about even. But Lets give Lebron another year or two then lets see.
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  • be_there4u

    Micheael Jordan didnot win any championship rings until Scottie Pippen was drafted. Scottie Pippen didnot win anymore rings after Michael Jordon retired. I like to hear Michael ‘s take on the discussion.

  • Derek Steele

    First, listen to his reasoning…everyone is all caught up on his one line and not listen to his reasoning behind what he said. look how lebron took over that game, he didnt try and do it by himself, he had his team involved. He also stifled D. rose in the last 2 minutes of the game! of course lebron doesnt have 6 rings, but when he gets them i bet people will give other reasons of why hes not on jordan level. and i agree with be_ther4u, everyone talks about Jordan like he won those titles by himself…he had one of the best forwards to ever play (top 50 in NBA history to be exact) in schottie Pippen, and lets not forget Dennis Rodman one of the most dominating defensive and rebounders in the game. without those types of pieces, jordan doesnt have the 6 rings…lets be honest!

  • Wyah

    Some degree of truth to both arguments….his stance is tangible.


    Really Scottie? better than MIKE? The BULLS should have left you high and dry a couple of years ago, when you were dead BROKE!!! no they’re paying you to hang around and do nothing. And in return they get a CLOSET lebron GROUPIE!!! go sit your ringless without MIKE self down!!!!

  • Zachory Patterson

    YO i cant believe Scottie said something like that.It will never ever be another micheal jordan i dont care who comes along,yeah lebron bron is a great player just like kobe,wade,and rose but it just crazy for anybody to mention them guys in the same breath of a micheal jordan.Please people quit fooling yourselves

  • coach kbrown

    mj, kobe, lebron. when lbj gets 5 or more rings this can be reviewed. until then, he’s nothing close to mr. j or mr. b.