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1 Dead, 7 Injured In Miami Beach Shootings [Video]


Police, Gunmen Open Fire On South Beach; Two Officers Injured

Things were literally on and popping on South Beach, Miami this Memorial Day weekend.

Miami, which draws thousands of tourists for Memorial Day weekend celebrations each year, saw two shootings that left one person dead, and as many as seven others injured, including two police officers.

According to the Miami Herald, two police officers are in the hospital after two early Monday morning shootings.

Police spokeswoman, detective Jenny Velazquez, confirmed that two officers were receiving treatment at Mount Sinai Medical Center for unknown injures.

Velazquez stated that the police-involved shooting happened around 4 a.m. Monday morning Collins Avenue and 15th Street on South Beach.

A second shooting erupted later around 5:15 a.m. just blocks away from the first in the area of 14th Street and Washington Avenue.

According to Miami Beach Police, a total of five people were taken to Ryder Trauma Center with injuries.

One person was killed in the shootings.

The video posted below was filmed by a bystander, and shows footage from one of the shootings that took place on Collins Avenue and 15th Street..

Police opened fire on a car, that had been involved in an earlier crash with a police car.

Anyone still in Miami visiting for the weekend, please make it home safely.

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  • Jeannette Wilary

    My son was there on vacation and i have spoken with him this morning.Glad he is alive and coming home.. I told him to just get out of there and make it home safely. Hes not going there anymore, its to crazy. Where theres lots of people theres lots of trouble . Thank You God for his saftey!!! Amen.

  • koffybrown

    Sad so sad. It’s really a shame that people can’t go anywhere and have a good time without senseless violence.

  • Wendy

    Please realize that Miami has so much more to offer, and usually the incidents that occur on South Beach Memorial Day Weekend is courtesy of the out of towners that do not know how to enjoy life, but only know how to be ignorant and destructive. Its always a few that ruins things for everyone!!! I live here and do’t participate in Memorial Day weekend, however, it is outrageous to blame the City for the out of towners that don’t know how to conduct themselves!

  • letitbeme

    Paleeze MIAMI is a very DANGEROUS CRIME RIDDEN HOLE of a city!! if u turn down the wrong street you could end up literally DEAD!! Dont let the dirty water and dirty beaches fool you, better b ready to duck when visiting this poor excuse for a vacation city!! Ive been several times and NOT GOING BACK

    • Crys

      No offense “letitbeme” but the beaches aren’t dirty… I’ve enjoyed them everytime I go. Sure, its not safe to walk on the beach after midnight…. but the water and everything is great.
      And in the actual city of Miami, you have your bad spots, like any other city (believe me, I know, I live in Detroit) …. but South Beach is a great time and a great place to vacation…. just not this particular time of the year.

  • Crys

    My mother lives in SoBe, a block from Ocean Dr. and Memorial weekend is the one time of the year she can’t stand. As everyone there calls it “Ghetto Weekend”. I’ve been to SoBe MULTIPLE times and its actually a great place.
    Just dont go that weekend. It gets crazy.

  • Josh

    Hotels (and the related travel agencies) are valuing greed over all else.
    I tried to cancel my expedia reservation with this occuring just outside my hotel room.

    They offered me a travel voucher instead…….

  • DetroitRed313

    They wont stop theviolence, this ignorant ghetto trifilin mentality has infected all the cities and they show up everytime a big event is going on. It used 2 b grat down there at the time but this element has found out and they wont rest until it goes the way of Freaknik.

  • bobby

    Ghetto black folks + south beach + memorial day weekend = a hot mess. We have to do better.

  • jt

    urban week aka ghetto black people!

  • tomi

    After we worked tirelessly for 20 years to bring back the beach; owing to hyper-political correctness we had no choice but surrender the fruits of our labors and turn over this stretch of territory to the savages when they discovered it in 2001–this “inaugural” event coincided with the “black boycott” being lifted when city fathers apologized for earlier perceived slight of Mandela–subsequently Miami Beach night-life was completely destroyed The general population showed their true colors in spite of diplomatic public declarations and voted with their pocket books—the city has lost countless millions accommodating these beasts

  • Jb

    You know how it goes, your stupid if you dont know when the blacks show up chaos erupts_everytime without fail. Not all blacks, but a high majority. There like animals, due to the fact that their lifestyle is programed by hip hop. Just stay away