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NFL Rookie Gets Fried Chicken And Watermelon Tattoo, Lashes Out At Critics [Photos]


Von Miller Gets Controversial Tattoo

Denver Broncos player Von Miller is stirring up controversy after releasing pictures of his latest tattoo, a piece of fried chicken and watermelon.
The NFL rookie took to Twitter this week to show off the new tatt with the caption,

“It’s a watermelon slice, a chicken leg, a dollar sign, and a hater! Haha it’s not finished doe.”

After backlash from a number of websites and critics, Von became defensive and mocked the criticism with new pictures of him eating his apparent two favorite foods.
Check out Von mocking the criticism below.

Is everyone overreacting?

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  • That Guy

    Uhhhh Ummmm at least now we know it’s okay for white ppl to call him a N***ER. Then again he is an athlete and we all know they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the lamp. LOL. Then again freedom of speech no matter how stupid and ignorant it is…..I just don’t know anymore, it’s too hard to get dumb n****as to understand culture. MLK ‘s dream in action I suppose

  • He’s definitely doing him! people are doing exactly what he wanted them to do which is give him attention.

  • dave chappelle

    They shouldn’t have never gave you ni##@s money!!!

  • Typical

    You just know he has a white girl. Self hatred and no sense of history.

    • dizam

      you took the words right outta my mouth. ignorance is bliss and he definitely fits the bill.

  • georgiaboy1da

    yall some mfkn sellouts !! he suppose to be ashamed of that?!?! its fn food ! … yal tellin white ppl they hav the right to call him a nggr ?! yall the only the self hating ppl i see

  • Great response Von Miller!!! You just won a fan…

    So now black people are not allowed to eat chicken or watermelon??? Can we live without every move we make being critized, compared to other cultures, or called cooning? Black people can’t dance, eat chicken, wear flip flops, wear jewlery, talk, have fun, live, breathe, etc. without being accused of cooning. I want to start a SO WHAT movement…please stop buying into all of the critism and continue to be original…or whoever it is you want to be…who cares if the world doesn’t like it…no matter what you do someone will have something to say…

    You can be as graceful as our first lady, as beautiful as Oprah, as brilliant as President Obama and someone will still have a problem with you and call you a coon…(Cue the “Our Greatest Fear” speech) don’t play small because the world is afraid…

    I guess if it ain’t white…it ain’t right…smh…(even though white people eat chicken and watermelon and I am sure they are not called coons)

  • Philip

    Complete buffoonery!

  • lola

    Imma need the NFL bc these mfers are bored as hell and have nothing better to do with their time than dumb Shyte like this

  • adsf@asdf.com

    betcha he is from down south somewhere. or someplace with no god body dudes around

  • loop


  • white people eat chicken and watermelon and they stay in hooters eating chicken wingd… doesnt offend me because im still gonna eat chicken wings and watermelon and whatever else the h3ll i wnnna eat!

  • train


  • Stealthdan

    For Pete’s Sake (whoever Pete is). Give it a break. I’m white and I love fried chicken and watermelon. If the chicken is really southern fried chicken, then that is better yet. This guy is doing what he likes and is actually doing something for himself.

  • Judi

    I’m black, female and live in London, England. I’m not getting this story. Please can someone explain…I’m confused. What’s all the fuss about?

  • BrainStorm

    Uh, now who was it that made chicken and watermelon despicable food items? Black peopleare suffering and dying everyday from high blood pressure and heart diseases rooted in pork and cholesterol and negroes who are over sensitive to racial stereotypes want to jump on another because he is not respecting the stupid boundaries.
    And everyone of you, Black and otherwise, eat fried chicken as well as watermelon, so why the hypocrisy?

  • DixonGod

    I think what his did was only dumb because he should be well aware of the streotype and im sure he is but he felt it nessisary to do this anyway no thinking about how it makes us look as a collective people that is all