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Arnold Isn’t The Only One: 10 Celebrities Who Fathered Illegitimate Children


Although Arnold may be in the hot seat for his latest scandals, he isn’t the only well known male to father an illegitimate child.

Many celebrities have been called out for affairs, one night stands, and old relationships that led to a child that is not being taken care of financially or emotionally.

Hey, even one of the most popular male figures of all time was the Father of an illegitimate child!

Peep the page #’s below to see some of the most famous males who have fathered an illegitimate child.

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  • thewire


  • bri

    Did yall really put god on this list???? smh

  • jay

    I think the God reference was made for ppl with a sense of humor. But he made some beautiful children.

  • CJPMoore9703

    I’m starting to look @ Eddie Murphy a in a different way..hmm

  • just saying…

    U forgot the great Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bill Cosby. They want to speak on behalf of black people and tell us how we should live but go out and hoe in the streets. Hoes sit down. Smdh.

  • ladyscholar

    Holyfield is broke because he gives all his money to Creflo Dollar. He has stated that forclosure and having utilities cut off is the will of God.

  • MzB

    Doesn’t Wayne have a baby by some girl who’s mom took him to court the boy like 8 and hes named Dwayne Carter 2!? Wayne has plenty knds

  • Miss M

    The author’s last name is most likely a Jewish last name which means he does not believe in Jesus. That still doesn’t excuse him from this inaccurate account of how Jesus Christ came to be. The author has offended many Christians by this false statement and he needs to retract this story and apologize.

  • Boycott bossip…lets see if my comment gets posted!

    VERY DISTASTEFUL remarks from this author! We really need to boy.cott bossip…!!

  • Steelcitychick

    So if GOD did it, it’s ok!?…These men are disgusting! And isn’t it said that procreation is supposed to be between an married man and woman?…This is why I find the Bible to be so Hypocritical!

  • d.rock

    im a christian I believe in god too ..it doesnt mean that the joke wasnt funny , i laughed out loud when i saw that hahahhaha


    god fathered satan and his demons and adam also. snoop dogg has kids, you forgot puffy, james brown, bob marley, dmx, scarface, biggie smalls, richard pryor and a few more.

  • zina

    Not suprised that God was inclueded….. After all Zionist run these pages and their god is SATAN. Hey J.W when your burning in the deepest part of hell your screams will be music to my hears while I’m chilling under God’s shade. Cheers to that mate.

  • MrstinKC

    Apparently Christians are too busy judging the rest of the world to have a sense of humor. Lighten up folks it was only a joke!

  • Right you are , my fater was the most holyperon in Hollywood. ask google who
    christopher dean gregory thomas is and then look for sites related to this name and you’ll see one of the biggest secrets of Hollywood

  • Nathalia Ergon

    i thought it was funny as hell!

  • Nathalia Ergon

    Well, isn’t that what happened according to y’all’s bible?

  • Nathalia Ergon

    I thought that number 11 was a great and perfect entry. Isn’t that what you believe?

  • Nathalia Ergon

    Pfffht! So you don’t like the way a modern writer put your beliefs in a sentence. Get real.

  • Nathalia Ergon

    A loving christian attitude there, zina: enjoying the suffering of others.