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Tyler The Creator Gets Racist Vibe From Australians, "They Hate Ni**as Out Here"


Rapper Tyler The Creator Says Australians Hate “N-Words”

A young rap star feeling some racist hatred in a new town isn’t always a concern, but when it’s Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All leader, Tyler The Creator tweeting that he wants to go home because they hate “ni**as” in Brisbane, Australia, people take notice.

Tyler tweeted and addressed the crowd at his performance about a racist encounter at a KFC that had him on edge but wasn’t going to affect his judgement about all Australians.

Locals fired back their opinions about the statements.

Brisbane hairdressing entrepreneur Stefan Ackerie said the rapper’s claims were “ill-informed and incorrect”.

“I’ve been here about 50 years, I’ve never had an incident (of racism),” Mr Ackerie said.

Brisbane hotelier Sarosh Mehta said while elements of racism existed in Queensland, on the whole it was a “tolerant state”.

“But one time is one time too many, we love to position ourselves as a multicultural melting pot, we’re tolerant but there is still an element of racism around with those who are culturally insensitive against (some) people,” he said.

A “tolerant state” sounds like the 60’s in America. Fans did point out that there was no racism at the show as only two Black people showed up.

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  • Lynn

    Well, when your rap group’s name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, you can expect some raised eyebrows and uncomfortable behavior around you. Don’t blame their reactions to you on your race. Most of the concert goers were White, idiot!

  • t

    he should be worried abt the impact his lyrics have of ppl being tolerant.. ur part of that shock genre of rap where ur raping girls and harkin on the things in ur blackness that have been used as a point of stereotyping against ur fellow black man. not to mention being homophobic… but hes rite tho. australlia is racist and they have been since the lost generation of indegenous children that were kidnapped and blown up on random islands

  • Dria

    I’ve have heard that before about Australia you have to be careful in other countries not everywhere will welcome you with open arms unfortunately.

  • Ann

    Send the Klan out for them, they’re a disgrace.

  • Michael

    Most people on the planet are dumb and intolerant through no fault of their own. What’s new?

  • BAPE747

    Ain’t u ever seen ROMPER STOMPERS jit. They hate the fuct outta us.