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Did It Finally Happen? Is Kelly Rowland Badder Than Beyonce? [Photos]


Who’s cuter? Beyonce or Kelly Rowland?

For years there’s been a back and forth debate over which Destinys Child singer was hotter; Beyonce Knowles or her “sister” Kelly Rowland.

The two ladies have both been praised for their bodies and their looks, but Bey has been known to take the cake—often for her curvier figure and vampish sex appeal.

In recent months however Rowland’s not only been looking better than ever, she’s seen her solo career reach new heights with her explosive single “Motivation” hitting #1 on the Billboard charts and with her new job as a judge on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor.

Tie that in with her body looking toned and tightened and an undeniable glow on her face and we’ve got a debate on our hands.

Has she finally done it?

Is Kelly Rowland officially badder than Beyonce?

Let’s take a look…

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  • blkppl

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    • alonzowilson

      beyonce is the queen

  • why tho?

    Why is everybody and their momma’s r in competition with beyonce: every other post its bey vs rih,gaga vs bey,jhud vs bey now its kelly vs bey.the raw reality is no matter how u hate bey (even with a failing album) she’s the queen of this generation and no matter how u deny it,its the Goshdang true!

    • HK

      Damn! u took it from my mouth! so true! i dont even understand this among of hatred about her…i mean as women, they are two different beauties but as a solo artist…please comom! its so obvious Beyonce is far away. Check this 15 years and tell us who ruled it! no matter how her album could fail, she still remains the queen of this decade. People should give her time…Beyonce can have one or two flops but 1426372713038390203908 hits. we know it. Kelly needs to be more self-confident and fiercer…The only one B should fear now is freaky Gaga..

  • Samson

    Always thought Kelly was much more beautiful and natural. In addition she can sing but had a poor managment group that didnt have the technique to capture the industry. Beyonce is a great entertainer but is very overated. Now she is a example of what gret management can do.

  • Guest

    Whilst I’m sure Kelly is a nice girl and at one time definitely had the better figure of the two, I don’t think she will ever beat Beyonce in the looks department. In some pictures, B is capable of looking both innocent and feline at the same time. She is just a very pretty girl and the only person who can compete with her who has achieved at least a moderate level of success is Keri Hilson.

  • BeyonceFan

    STFU…..Beyonce is the most talented outhere! Put your voice against hers and your talent and that will shut you up…if kelly was better she would have been the leader DC was she No…alrighty then

    -With love

  • Platinum B

    Wow . Another bunch of nobodies arguing over Beyonce and other artists . What’s new ? Personally, they’re BOTH Beautiful . If you like a darker toned girl, of course you’d go for Kelly. Vice versa for Beyonce . Is it that serious ? Really ??

  • Mike

    Is this a joke? beyonce is gorgeous. Kelly is very average looking

  • tooposh

    r u kidding me! wat is cute about bey! darken her skin and see how worse she can go,… lighten up kelly’s skin and she will syill be absolutely gorgeous! yall know in ur heart kelly is a natural beauty and bey its all makeup period!

  • CeCe

    @ Troy…. Well said! I agree with everything u just said! Oh and @ beYAWNce#1 ur a stalker! BeWACKce ain’t thinkin’ about ur raggedy a$$! So stop worshiping her u sound stupid! Now run tell that!

  • Winta

    Ima finnaly say what iv been wantin to for so long why do people consider beyonce to be the hottest chick in the world granted she does look good but da best come on alicia keys is way prettier then her people need to stop running with the crowd and learn to think for themselves even if beyonce was my favorite artist wouldnt make her the best looking secondly why u wanna be a fan of someone be a fan of there music not them u dont know them

  • Musique

    Beyonce is the best, Kelly can’t compete in looks or talent. Don’t need to explain myself, check facts,check numbers, check pictures.

  • Ricky

    I would have to say Kelly she is much more beautiful and doesn’t need all that makeup, and i prefer her voice and music over beyonces.

  • pat

    I just think kelly is prettier…and gets prettier with age…wher as bey is getting less pretty….when they were together at blllboard awards…beys face lookd a lot older than kellys

  • zina

    team kelly all the way.

  • anonymous

    Kelly has always been “badder” …… it’s just that people are just not realizing it. Beyonce is not a “queen” or any other kind of royalty.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Both successful yes but to simple answer has Kelly FINALLY become badder than Beyonce’ the answer is not just hell yes but that she has been for a while.

  • dsamai33

    bey really looks old. its kellys time to shine an dwhen that album drops beyonce’s black fans are going tojoin team kely. beyonce is looking white to sell records to white ppls. she dont care about blacks.

  • saspecht

    Kelly has always been hotter, and she has a smile that can melt anyone.

  • Marc E Marc

    I love me some Kelly Rowland… Always thought she was overlooked in favor of Beyonce, but glad to see she’s looking even more beautiful as a young lady and finding success in her career too… Now is Beyonce beautiful, hell yes, but everybody expects that with her light-skin and creole heritage. But Kelly, damn she’s a beautiful chocolate mama!!!