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Thief Cuts Down Tree To Steal Chained-Up Bicycle [Video]


Bike Thief Cuts Down Tree To Steal Chained-Up Bicycle 

In an attempt to steal a bicycle chained to a tree, a thief decided to chop the tree down despite onlookers trying to thwart his theft.

He manages to get the tree down but we don’t actually see him get the bike. The 12 minute operation is caught on a security camera and sped up to look like a comedic silent film. It’s worth a look.


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  • Truth

    American blacks has reach a new low.

  • Tyler Perry

    Ok, this is the most ignorant “nyggaish” shyt ive ever seen, and I make ignorant nygga films! Im serious if you can name me one thing more ignorant than what we just witnessed, I’ll hire a quality director, writer and producer for my next project. This is a new nygga low…………

  • C Allen

    Could all that energy have been used to do something productive like get a job and buy a bike…..some real lazy asses here.