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Kelly Rowland's Estranged Father Reaches Out For Reconciliation


Kelly Rowland’s Father Reaches Out 23 Years Later

The estranged father of Kelly Rowland is reaching out to his daughter hoping to reconcile with her after 23 years without contact.

Rowland, who is currently judging Simon Cowell’s U.K. X-Factor, has reportedly not seen her biological father Christopher Lovett since she was seven years old.

Now Lovett, 65, hopes to change that and sat down for an interview with Britain’s The Daily Mirror where he spoke on his failed relationship with his daughter.

Choking back tears he told The Mirror,

 “Kelly, I love you with all my heart. Please forgive me and let me be your dad again.”

According to Lovett, he failed to provide for his family, had a drinking problem and a ‘vicious temper’ that tore his ­family apart but says he loved his daughter from the very start.

“I loved her from the moment she took her first breath. I ­remember as clear as day Kelly and I singing together, from the moment she could talk. Our ­favorite songs were by Stevie Wonder. I would put one headphone in my ear and the other in hers and we would sing and sing, so happy to be together.

But then I lost my job at a ­transportation company, sank into a depression about money and began drinking more and more. The failure to provide for my ­family fuelled an anger that I will be ashamed of until my dying day.”


While Rowland hasn’t had contact with him in over two decades, she previously spoke of her father in an interview saying,

 “I don’t know where he is but I hope he’s not dead. That would break my heart. I remember my dad being drunk and aggressive towards my mom but not me. I don’t know if he knows who I am or what I’ve done. He must be hiding under a rock if he doesn’t.”

Lovett also made sure to add that he’s not after his celebrity daughter’s money, but just wants to be in her life during his old age.

I own a big home now and have retired so I don’t want any of Kelly’s fortune, I just want her love. I just hope she does not become such a big star in England on X Factor that she forgets about her dad ­completely.

“I’m getting old now – I just hope she reads this and doesn’t leave getting back in touch with me before it is too late.”

Lovett also revealed a time where he drove 8 hours to a Destiny’s Child concert to watch her perform and tried to give her a note but security guards who did not believe he was her real father, denied him.

Check out more of his Daily Mirror interviewhere.

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  • Jama

    I hope she forgives him everybody deserves a second chance!

  • jayluv


  • If she didnt want to see him I would not be mad at her. See men all you deadbeat daddies out there this is what happens when you dont step up and be a man and be a father to your child. You never know who your child might grow up to be.

  • Annquenette

    You know I feel that anyone that would dis-encourage a father from wanting to get in touch with his daughter regardless of the time between them is heartless. I believe it is not for you to judge where his heart is but God’s and Kelly if she wants to forgive him for his absence. There is always two sides to the story and you really haven’t heard of either for yourself, a report can make your life story sound like a nightmare if they like they can take bits and piece of anything and make it their own. If it were me I would at least give him a chance to say what is on his heart and only at that point would my decisions be made on what is next. I pray that her heart is soften and she forgives her father because the bible says and not listen to grudgeful, fatherless, bitter people.

  • Juliemango

    It would be good for kels emotional well-being to accept her father back into her life!!!

  • shy09

    If he wants to have a reltaionship with her, that’s a good thing regardless of the past. This would help her to heal those emotional scars you are often left with from being abandon as a child, but that has to be her decision, not the public’s.

  • Syn

    She should stay far away from this con artist. He had plenty of time to want to reach out to his child. He was the adult who walked out on the family. There are no excuses for that. When are sorry butt men going to realize that you need to stand up and be a man now, not wait over 20 years to want to acknowledge someone. I find it very hard to beleive that this selfish idiot could not try to help the family that he abandoned. What a crock. And all of you who are preaching “get to know him”, she always knows him. He showed his true self over 20 years ago when he could not get off his butt and get a job to take care of his family. And then he took his frustrations out on a woman. So typical. Kelly, keep walking. That “daddy myth” is a bunch of crap.