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Prodigy Agrees With Lupe Fiasco’s Obama “Terrorist” Comments


Prodigy Sides With Lupe On Obama

In an upcoming exclusive interview with hiphopdx.com, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy reveals that he shares the same sentiment as Lupe Fiasco in regards to Obama being, “the biggest terrorist.”

“I would have to agree with him,” said P. “Most of these politicians and these government officials…most of them are the real terrorists.”

Prodigy says despite his incarceration he kept a close eye on Obama’s politics.

“Yeah, I was definitely checking [Obama] out and seeing what he was doing and what he was about. But I already knew ahead of time – I’ve been studying all that type of stuff since like 15, 16 years old, so… You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I already know what time it is.”

The Queens rapper said he has a full grasp on the misgivings of politicians and the US government.

“There’s nothing you can say to confuse me about any of that type of stuff. I know it’s all a game that they’re playing. It’s all a facade,” he said.

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  • blkppl

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  • Rskuggs

    Yeah,because being locked up he learned so much about the political system! Stop asking these ignorant fools about REAL LIFE issuses! Their opinions are no more important than anyone elses,and most of the time they only end up looking even more ignorant!

  • MZgV

    You can tell Prodigy is under-educated. He didn’t say anything intelligible. He just ramble on..both of them don’t know anything about politics so Shut the hell up..

  • koffybrown

    LUPPPPPEEEE!!! IS THE MAN. Congrats to the Mavs.. Woot Woot!!

  • sue

    People automatically “a-s-s-o-ciate” for cryiing out loud 🙂

  • sue

    (clears throat) *crying* sheesh!

    • It Is Jesus from 2000 yrs ago…..zzzzzz sheep

      No need to cry……You will be fine….These type of crimes that these politicians and governments are doing doesn’t have anything to do with you………..be a 5 percenter and keep sharing that TRUTH……Smile, and understand…….that you are favored in all this. Evene though Babylon fall is imminent………..you will be fine 🙂 YOU ARE FAVORED.

      • sue

        Thank you 🙂

  • I don’t know much about Prodigy, but I would image that he was incarcerated for something that incited terror in the people of the neighborhood where he was. So he is probably NOT the best person to give his opinion on this.

    I’ve also not kept up with the NATO, U.S. Libya rebels issue either, but to your point, the answer is it depends. The question is whether or not the Gov. in power is corrupt. Because lets not forget that the U.S. colonist were also considered terrorist by the British Empire, and based on our constitution we have the right to rebel against our Gov. if we find it to be unjust.

    Lastly, if you don’t participate in the system you can’t change it. It’s like saying my car is broken but I’m not going to take to the shop because its broken.
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    • sue

      True (especially about Prodigy). But why take my broken car to a mechanic who ask for the money upfront and never gets around to fixing my car? He has my money and nothing is resolved. Get it? Give me a politician I believe is for the people and not for the money then I’ll vote, but for now, none of these politicians get my vote……………..I don’t believe they care.

  • It Is Jesus from 2000 yrs ago…..zzzzzz sheep

    Well said……I must say……..I will stand on the front line of this revolution with you in a heart beat!